Going to Discovery Place for treatment of addiction, alcoholism

Happy Saturday to all,

nature scene - Discovery Place, TNAs embarrassing as it is to admit (and probably no surprise given my devolving behavior), it appears I will be a resident at Discovery Place in Burns, TN (a local rehab/treatment facility near Dickson) by Saturday evening (Apr 6, 2013). Please see the Discovery Place website for mailing address, visiting hours, etc.

Discovery Place: A spiritual retreat for men in Burns, Tennessee focusing on recovery from addiction

At this point, I really have no idea how long I will be unplugged.

Another significant development is that I shall no longer dwell in the basement of my folks’ house in Green Hills; hopefully, I’ll be taking the safer route of ensconcing myself in post-treatment recovery at what are sure to be lovely, plush halfway houses. 😉

Naturally, this process is likely to be severely challenging at times, and these challenges will, I am relatively certain, eventually prove to be welcome.

sunset in Green Hills, Nashville, Dec 2011, Frasier PhotographyPerhaps I will be a better friend, worker, writer, blogger, et al once I get my head relatively straight. I certainly do appreciate all the friendship, patience, and well wishes of friends, partners, clients, and other associates.

Good luck in all of your endeavors. It would be a genuine pleasure to hear from any of you, as I will be largely imprisoned, so to speak, for the next couple of months… little or no Internet access, no mobile phone, etc.

Thanks for your well wishes and prayers; I really appreciate it.

Resources: Going to Discovery Place for treatment of addiction, alcoholism

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