Nuggets of wisdom from Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

photo of Bill W., cofounder of Alcoholics AnonymousHere are a few quotes I’ve heard in the rooms of AA, with the newest additions at the top:

If I find myself upset about something Joe has done, then I need to give Joe a demotion, for I have given him entirely too much power. (Paul, DAA/DAFA)

Sometimes the shit hits the fan & we just happen to be standing in front of it. (Jason F., DAA/DAFA)

Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean. (Erica, DAA/DAFA)

If I could only drink like a normal person, I’d be drunk all the time. (Dr. Mike, Living by the Print)

This, too, shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass. (Lacey, DAA/DAFA)

D.A.R.E.: Drugs Are Really Expensive (DAA/DAFA)

Thank goodness it’s a god of my misunderstanding. (DAA/DAFA)

AA is not a cult. People in cults do what they’re told.  (Driftwood Club)

Fear is ego on steroids. (Ric B., DAA/DAFA)

It’s not enough to come to AA; I have to be in AA. (Ric B., DAA/DAFA)

Welcome to the 10% club. (Rob A., DP)

Give time time. (Donna Lee)

If drinking interferes with your work, you may have a drinking problem. If work interferes with your drinking, you may be an alcoholic. (Rich F., LBP)

Don’t count your days; make your days count. (DA)

The monkey’s off my back, but the circus is still in town. (Steve A.)

Live in hope & acceptance rather than in expectation. (Larkin L.)

Meeting makers make it, and they do make it… to meetings. (Johnny C.)

My brother’s behavior improved dramatically after I got clean & sober. (Paul, DA)

When I got clean & sober, it wasn’t life that got better… it was me/my attitude that got better. Life still happens.

Life’s not going to get any better until it’s fine the way it is.

I wake up every single day with a case of untreated alcoholism.

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb; that’s where the fruit is. (PT)

We can do or be anything we put our healthy, clean & sober minds to – or we can do only one unhealthy thing: drink & drug. (Dave S.)

Sometimes life puts sand in your vaseline. (Rich F., LBP)

If you’re green, then you’re growing… if you’re ripe, you’re closer to rotting.

Not knowing doesn’t hurt you; it’s the needing to know that can do the damage.

If you can’t practice spiritual principles in all your affairs, you probably have too many affairs. (Bob O., Monday Night Prime Time)

Rarely have we seen a person in jail who has thoroughly followed our path. (S. Lee)

Pray for your resentee for two weeks; if they don’t die, start praying for them the right way. (DA)

I came; I came to; I came to believe.

Me, myself, & I: the evil trinity. (Bishop L.)

If we don’t change, our sobriety date will. (Mt. Vernon group)

A resentment is a relapse in escrow. (Gary, 8111)

If I am not the problem, then there is no solution. (Bobby C., 8111)

We teach people how to treat us. (8111)

Procrastination can be based on perfectionism… the fear of doing something because you won’t do it perfectly. In this case, it can be helpful to remember the phrase, Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

I have problems in areas where I didn’t even have areas before, and I view this as progress. (Dan, 8111)

Whatever area of your life sucks is probably an area in which you have not applied the Twelve Steps.

Leave your prejudice, religion, and politics at the door.

Get your body to a meeting & your head will follow.

After I got rid of the alcohol, I still had the ISM: an unhealthy fixation on I, self, & me which is at the core of my dis-ease. (James W.)

If you have 10,000 problems and one of them is alcohol, you have one problem.

If your decisions are not coming from a place of calm, they are coming from the wrong place. (Jeannie, 8111)

Since I got clean and sober, I have not found it necessary to be analyzed, tranquilized, hypnotized, or baptized. (Sterling W.)

This too shall pass, but it may kick your ass as it goes by.

Don’t keep depositing quarters in the ass-kicking machine. (Ronnie)