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Gospel of Thomas – the first three verses

Based on what little I know about apocryphal works, my favorite non-canonical early Christian writing (as if I'd read them) is the Gospel of Thomas. A jewel of the Nag Hammadi library, the Gospel According to Thomas (usually known as

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Using Wikipedia as a resource for serious research

I expect to receive some criticism for linking to Wikipedia so often, and those who would bring this up would not be wrong in mentioning it. After all, one of the major points I wish to get across to readers

When seeking answers, carefully consider the source

Bias, belief, and objectivity My only hope for this simple post is to encourage just one person to consider a broader range of resources the next time an honest answer to a difficult or boundary-pushing religious, philosophical, or spiritual question

Science, religion, and conspiracy theory:

Interesting American beliefs, per the polls Executive summary: (provided in this case due to length) This post touches on more subjects than it should: opinion polls, a hopeful view of science and religion, the two main logical fallacies used or