classic God art - Monty Python and the Holy GrailThe aspect of the evolved, intelligent human examined today is rational skepticism. I’ll dive into the importance – nay, the necessity – of rational skepticism shortly; but right now, I must drop the writing & blogging and cram for a meeting with an important web client (one of the most respected remodeling firms in Nashville)!

Today’s coveted Daily Inspiration prize has been awarded to that classic, cogent, entertaining spring of truthiness, 100 Reasons to Doubt.

The winnings: Being mentioned on this quiet, personal blog

What follows are some notes taken earlier; I’ll use ’em later to craft this into a decent read…

100 reasons to doubt a Bible so errant…

Rick Santorum, hard-right Christian fundamentalist

What day do you think Jesus was crucified? You know the story about The Last Supper and the famous painting of Jesus and The Twelve. But did you know the Bible actually gives us conflicting dates for his crucifixion? (Source: Reason #94: When was Jesus crucified?

You’d think the writers — or God, via his superpowers — would have avoided contradiction and error for something so important… But you’d be wrong.

This one’s a classic: booze.

The apostle Paul faced many challenges during his lifetime and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, was able to perform some miraculous deeds. He raised a man from the dead (Acts 20:9-20); he was even able to heal multitudes of sick and dying by simply touching their disease-ridden handkerchiefs (Acts 19:11-12).

Yet there was one ailment that even the great apostle Paul was not able to overcome: the flu. When Timothy complained to his mentor about a nagging stomach Paul offers him a surprisingly sensible remedy:drink some wine. (Source:
Reason #81: Paul’s sensible remedy for a stomach ache)

Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses. (1 Timothy 5:23)

Michele Bachmann, tea party republican christian fundamentalist creationistReason #81: Paul’s sensible remedy for a stomach ache

Reason #70: Talking animals

Reason #76: Josephus’s Testimonium Flavianum

Reason #82: Paul’s oppression of women

Reason #87: Bible teaches geocentrism

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