Evidence for the Bible God offered by Christians I know

Proof of Christian God?

A conversation with friend and housemate “Larry” somehow morphed into some brief Christian apologetic talk. It is very interesting to hear what some folks consider proof of the Christian God, or at least convincing evidence thereof.

Larry is someone whose intelligence I respect and whose ability to talk in front of a group I envy a little, to be honest. In our brief conversation, which was by no means a substantial debate, his two main points in promoting Christianity as the correct choice were as follows, which made me realize he has probably not ever really had deep discussions about this with those who believe differently from him.

What happened before the Big Bang? No one knows, so it’s God.

This is another fallback to God of the Gaps thinking, which is basically this: If there is no sufficient scientific explanation, then the cause must be God… one of the most common logical fallacies used by religious folks. The logical fallacy being used here is the argument from ignorance.

It offers nothing in the way of real evidence of any kind for the Judeo-Christian God or any other type of deity.

Christianity has made countless people happy throughout the ages.

This comment offers nothing and is not really worth a response, but I will do so anyway just in case anyone mistakes it for evidence.

Lots of things, true and false, make people happy. Christianity is probably responsible for about as much misery as happiness throughout the ages. The happy people I know are happy because they practice spiritual principles, not because they believe in certain supernatural events.

(Will add to this later.)