church people excitedly worship and praise their version of GodHere’s a quick and easy set of simple yes-or-no questions to help determine whether some might consider your beliefs as religious fundamentalism. There are many similar tests on the web.

1. There is only one true religion: the one I follow. Believers in all other religious and spiritual paths are probably doomed. (This seems to be the most pervasive, common belief or claim of the Nashville-area Christian fundamentalist.)

2. Those who do not accept our specific beliefs are not true believers.

3. Our religious text is the only valid scripture. The scriptures of all other so-called "revealed religions" are untrue, and possibly even heretical or blasphemous — and certainly cannot be compared to or used to interpret our religious text.

4. Our scripture generally requires no interpretation; it means exactly what it says. It is not open to varied interpretations. It contains truth, and only truth.

church worships, praises excitedly 5. If evidence of any kind (science, logic, reason, philosophy, etc.) contradicts our scriptures, then that evidence is wrong or is being misread in some way.

6. Our religious beliefs apply to all mankind, not just to our own churches and/or groups.

7. I try not to read, listen to, or watch anything that might challenge, make fun of, or ridicule my religious beliefs.

8. Questioning these truths is wrong; they must be accepted on faith.

Sample collection: Far Right Christian fundamentalist reading material from Apologetics Press; all free (downloadable PDF files)

9. The only morally correct political parties are on the right (or the far right); true believers cannot be liberals.

10. I don’t merely believe in my religion, I KNOW it is true.

Resources: Religious fundamentalism

messages from Hard Right Christian supremacists

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I had to change this one. Here is the original version of the question, which was too narrow; even the Church of Christ would not accept this, as the New Testament rules naturally could not possibly apply to Old Testament times:

6. Our religious beliefs apply directly to all mankind — in ALL times, cultures, and places.

This test question seemed a little too strong:

7. There is always a clear and simple choice between Good and Evil; anyone who thinks otherwise is on the side of Evil. (If you aren’t with us, you are against us.)