How to convert people to religious fundamentalism, cults

Sunset near Green Hills - Nashville, TNNOTE: I’ve barely started on this, but I decided to post it anyway.

I thought it would be interesting to examine common but effective tactics used to convert others to their way of thinking – be it a set of religious beliefs, a cult, or some other brainwashing type exercise. This knowledge is not secret – relatively little remains completely veiled in this age of information; however, knowledge of some of these methods seems to remain limited. Also, there’s a lot of fear surrounding this subject, for no one wants to learn they have been suckered into believing certain things that are not really true.

Some of the standard claims relate to:

  1. Possession of special knowledge
  2. Others believe in X, so you should, too
  3. Promise of some kind of pleasure
  4. Promise of some future reward
  5. Supernatural events on some level

Resources: Religious conversion tactics & indoctrination techniques

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