One of the most interesting statistics of the Search for Truth blog is the extreme rarity of opinions and comments from Christian fundamentalists and others who would almost certainly take issue with the material found here. The writers and partners find this rather amazing since the Search for Truth is a blog coming to readers from the near-center of the Bible belt (Nashville, Tennessee)… not that location has much, if anything, to do with blog comments.

Look, we are not intentionally dissing anyone here — even though some readers may feel dissed after reading some of our content.

All we want to do is to encourage the adoption of basic universal spiritual principles and to discourage closed-minded, unquestioning belief in all forms of religious fundamentalism, Biblical literalism. Koran literalism, and political hyper-partisanship… and yes, even 12-step/recovery fundamentalism. Closed-mindedness and judgement can decend upon and ultimately darken & corrupt any set of beliefs or views… and this author has experienced critics from most of the aforementioned groups.

In short, beliefs formed by the literal interpretation (or near-literal interpretation) of so-called revealed religions like Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, and so on are deeply in error… and fatally so.

Let’s help the world to heal and to come closer to peace, not the other way around! Let’s adopt fully, wholly, 100% sustainable lifestyles in order to do what little we can to help preserve life on this extremely fragile planet.

If these are not worthwhile goals, then what are?