Earth on fire: Doom, gloom, warmongering, anti-environmentalism of Hard Right religious fundamentalism in the United StatesLet’s briefly examine Hard Right religious attitudes, looking at basic Bible teachings (bold type) along with related Hard Right behavior (italics)… God is love, but God hates gays and environmentalists. God’s creation is perfectexcept for the portion of humanity that’s gay, and the untold multitudes of environmentalists: NON-dominionists who would dare lift a finger to care for nature’s wonders (i.e., creation itself). Do not killexcept for gays, victims of all the wars we typically support, murderers and other criminals we assign to death row, and any living creatures that happen to inconvenience us (or taste good). Love your enemiesexcept for gays and those damned environmentalists. Do not judge, lest ye be judgednot counting our own mission of proselytizing toward eventual world domination.. Man has stewardship of nature and the environment; but are we to deny living creatures the right to live if they get in our way; allow the Earth to be raped and pillaged for the sake of wealth, progress, technology, and luxury; or step up our efforts to teach innocent, impressionable children and gullible, simple-minded adults that God hates environmentalism.sunset in Green Hills, Nashville, on Dec 29, 2011 What God actually wants is for us to teach that any and all attempts to protect the delicate balance of nature are, in reality, a grand, clever, secret scheme to take over the world and are an "affront" to God and Jesus. [ Resisting the Green Dragon ]

Yes… God be praised, I see the light! These Hard Right messages make perfect sense; we should begin following them immediately!

The root causes of discrimination and intolerance are fear and lack of knowledge. As one develops spiritually — growing in wisdom & experience — fear always decreases; the high level of fear on the Hard Right shows that religiosity has little or nothing to do with genuine spiritual development.

sheep With regard to the judgmental, sign-carrying, Pharisee types who claim to be the most religious and righteous, the irony is great; but it’s also wearing thin. It no longer bears pointing out that the Hard Right — in truth — embraces what are probably the most egotistical, divisive, most hurtful & potentially destructive "religious" messages around. The Hard Right no longer even attempts to mask its hatred of reason & tolerance, its annoyance with universal compassion, or its outright rejection of the command to love one’s enemies: a growing group which apparently includes our nation’s first black president. The various sects comprising the Hard Right seem to harbor a deep disdain for anything or anyone that does not fit into or adopt their conflicting, increasingly fearful and superstitious paranormal religious belief systems…

Hard Right religious protest signs of hateDo any of them honestly believe Jesus would be caught dead carrying one of those ridiculous, hurtful, insulting signs? As far as we can recall, the "Religious Right" has never seemed so incredibly wrong. [ Click your browser’s refresh button to see different images at random ]

On a broadly positive, hopeful, reassuring note, the world’s spiritual-but-not-religious population is growing faster than Christian fundamentalism; however, this is often overshadowed by the irritatingly loud, squeaky wheels of extremist religious fundamentalism and dominionism as it leaks into U.S. politics, poisoning it yet more. And the rest of us cannot help but hear about it day-in and day-out, thanks to the big media attention paid to that divisive clamor.

The advice of "Christian" leader Charles L. Worley of the Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C. is clear:
Hatred, fear, and discrimination coming from the Hard Right/Religious Right - caused by Satan??

Build a great, big, large fence — 150 or 100 mile long — put all the lesbians in there. Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out…and you know what, in a few years, they’ll die out…do you know why? They can’t reproduce!

This is yet another prominent example of the hundred or more ways modern Christian fundamentalism has become increasingly, incredibly misguided and anti-spiritual — particularly on the Hard Right. We are witness to the Hard Right’s ongoing redrafting and perversion of well-intentioned scriptures: the spiritual message of compassion, tolerance, and good will towards all men — you know, those simple, basic, universal spiritual principles humanity is supposed to understand and practice.

[ The Bible was always intended to deliver a spiritual message, not a religious one: Details atThe Spirit of the Scripture ]

Hindsight is 20/20, but many lessons go unlearned
Hard Right religious protest sign of intolerance and judgmentIn every American century, discrimination that had been rampant and commonplace in the previous century inevitably comes to be correctly viewed (or at least more correctly viewed, ) in wiser, more compassionate, experienced light as being completely wrong, if not offensive,revolting, or sometimes almost unforgivable. Why are today’s Hard Right religious extremists so blind to this fact? Do these groups pine for a wholesale return to the "good ol’ days" of discrimination against non-whites and women?

Many of these judgmental fundamentalist groups — which, for some reason, appear to be concentrated on the far, hard right of the spectrum — seem to believe their hateful discrimination is justified. Never mind that virtually…

  • Every past instance of discrimination has come to be seen as ignorant, boorish, slow-witted, and obtuse.
  • All historical bigotry is eventually revealed to be a negative, often dangerous trait of the uneducated, fearful, paranoid, superstitious, and simple-minded.

NOTE: Understandably, the web servers that host web sites relating to "Christian leader" Charles L. Worley as well as to the Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C. are down and/or have exceeded their allowable bandwidth at the time of this writing (May 22, 2012). We are linking to them anyway, figuring they’ll be back up to spread their messages of hate and discrimination within a day or so.

"Hate the sin, not the sinner"
hate sin, love sinnerPlease note that the writers and contributors here have absolutely nothing against the folks that adhere to Hard Right or any other religious beliefs, for whatever reasons those followers have chosen to adopt such divisive worldviews.

While we believe that insulting, castigating, and berating the adherents — the fundamentalists and fideists themselves — to be outside the realm of spiritually principled action, we’ve come to realize that discouraging the causative underlying belief systems is not only morally acceptable but warranted.

If the Search for Truth blog influences less than one percent of its readers to more carefully consider their worldviews, apply critical thought to their religious beliefs, or review their political opinions more objectively, then this effort has succeeded.

We will continue to join hands with growing numbers of dedicated thinkers in discouraging Hard Right fundamentalism and fideism in the ongoing effort to expose the truth about baseless, closed-minded, superstitious worldviews. More importantly, we will continue to promote and practice basic universal spiritual principles to the best of our ability, in all that we do.

The Bible clearly teaches that God is love. First John 4:8-9 says, “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Is it possible that Hard Right messages of hate and division actually harm their own cause? It wouldn’t be surprising, since much of the negativity coming from the Hard Right is so incredibly hypocritical. [ New post: Hard Right messages of hate and division actually harm their own cause ]

Resources — Hard Right Christian fundamentalists: Kill gays and lesbians; God hates gays

Sadly, the Hard Right continues to emanate an increasing amount of vehement, blind hatred for and discrimination against ANYTHING that doesn’t fit into their wishful paranormal religious belief systems…

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(Remember when America was a shining light?)

There can be little question that if the universal creative force that many refer to as “God” is even capable of human-like emotions such as hate (and, BTW, it most certainly is NOT capable of such a low thing), then the Hard Right haters would be front & center in those crosshairs, having abandoned the traits Jesus tried so hard to teach.

Why continue such behavior?

…however, this is a deeply emotional subject for many of us — including the blogger. It is easy to get carried away on stories like this that genuinely offend — events in the news that seem so contrary to the basic universal spiritual principles taught by so many wise teachers over the centuries.

Given certain circumstances in the United States today, including:
religion’s foray into politics …by some of the rightmost citizens…

except for the estimated eight to ten percent of humanity that’s gay