Why conservatives are RIGHT and liberals will be LEFT behind

by Rev. Neville Shamus

Saturday, March 12, 2011
NOTE: My attempted satire about the literal interpretation of a Bible verse, Ecclesiastes 10:2 (which some far-right literalist fundamentalists believe is a Biblical command to join right-wing politics) might as well have been a flapping dickey to everyone who did not fall within a very narrow range. Therefore, I have decided to remove it from public view rather than running the risk of offending people – or not being funny.

More importantly, the way this new site is evolving makes it a less fitting place for potentially offensive satirical humor.


Prepare thyself. Are you sitting down? My conservative friend, you stand on the pressupice (that means edge, BWT) of factual knowledge that will prove you right in every single debate you might ever have with a Democrat or any other liberal! (I know, I know, this is exciting stuff – hold your horses! Run and get your NIV version Bible while you read the rest of this…I’ll wait.)