Neville Goddard on Bible interpretation

Now that the two fractures in my left arm have substantially healed and I can type again without pain, I find myself drawn to these subjects with renewed passion & vigor — and more determined than ever to uncover and describe practical spiritual truths within the pages of this Search for Truth blog… only the truth… free of dogma; dripping with sense, reason, & practical application; and unattached to any formal or official system of religious, supernatural, or superstitious belief.

Neville Goddard repeatedly stated in his lectures and throughout his books that the Bible has been completely misread and misinterpreted down through the ages, including during Goddard’s own era.

Discard all literal interpretations

To Goddard and other New Thought spiritual teachers, the Bible has nothing to do with history or biography, much less cosmology or any other serious science. No, the characters described in the Bible were not actual people; rather, they exist/ed only as poetic representations of mature spiritual ideas: namely, the human imagination. In other words, whether or not the historical Jesus of the Bible ever lived, breathed, or returned to life is trivial and irrelevant to the point of being completely moot.

It may startle you to identify the central figure of the Gospels as human imagination, but I am quite sure before the series is over, you will be convinced that this what the ancients intended that we should know, but man has misread the Gospels as history and biography and cosmology, and so completely has gone asleep as to the power within himself.

Yes, Goddard’s ideas represent a truly refreshing alternative to the amazingly common but sadly mistaken literal interpretations of the Bible still being peddled today beyond all reason!

Surprised? I thought not… you certainly weren’t expecting to read that our physical bodies will be resurrected posthaste at the queue of a trumpet so as to enable full appreciation and experience — with all five senses, no less — of the final judgment of a jealous, wrathful, despotic, egotistical deity… along with all of the eternal results thereof, which depend in part on what one was willing to believe without evidence, whether one was dunked in water, and [ fill in other salvation requirements here ].

Begin a serious visualization practice

If Neville Goddard’s teachings are taken to heart, then one soon realizes that traditional prayer (particularly the childish Stage One material along the lines of, “God, please do this or that, and let this happen if it be thy will…”) should be permanently shelved and replaced with a serious, detailed visualization practice.

In truth, that is really good advice… Highly practical. Down to earth. Real. How do we know? Hell, even Wayne Dyer agrees! Seriously though, visualization is one of the critical ingredients in most worthwhile & legitimate self development programs.

“…the knowledge of it cannot prove itself, only the application of that knowledge can prove it or disprove it. I know from experience you cannot disprove it…”

Friday, November 02, 2012