Follow-up email: Center for Spiritual Renewal at Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University, northwest entrance with purple flowers - Nashville, TennesseeBACKGROUND: This email was written just before my first meeting with C. McKelvey, Director of Lipscomb University‘s relatively new Center for Spiritual Renewal, which I learned about from my good friend Steve G., owner of Brentwood Landscapes, Inc. Dr. McKelvey is the first prominent representative of Nashville-area churches of Christ with whom I have discussed my true beliefs (or lack thereof, depending upon one’s perspective)… To some readers this may seem a trivial matter; however, it is anything but trivial when one has been raised in the Nashville-area church and sent to the most prominent local Christian school from first grade all the way through college — especially when one’s father is a locally famous professor at said private university. I abandoned Christian fundamentalism in my early 30s and have since made an effort to spread this message of truth: The way forward for all of mankind is to abide by basic universal spiritual principles and to abandon all forms of fundamentalist belief systems — whether religious or political.

Lindsley Avenue church - Nashville, TNDear Dr. McKelvey,
I hope you are having a fantastic week, and that you are enjoying this weather! I am also grateful that we were able to set a time and date for our upcoming meeting.

Over one year ago — just after your 2011 talk at the Lindsley Ave. church — I made the highly unusual decision to be completely frank and forthright with you regarding the details of the evolution of my spiritual and religious beliefs. For technical reasons, you never received that email — and part of me, at least, was quite relieved!! :)

Here is a slightly updated version of that email: A brief summary of my spiritual quest

After much contemplation, meditation, and prayer, I have decided to go through with it. Openly discussing present beliefs is the right thing to do, despite the certain, inherent disagreement. I eagerly anticipate our meeting, but — of course — with the complete expectation of a friendly meeting free of any heated, religious debate or the generation of any resentment, animosity, or negativity.

Lipscomb University campus - Nashville, TennesseeI’m not foolish enough to believe I could persuade someone like you to believe as I now do; however, that does not stop me from doing all I can to spread what I believe to be the truth… Despite the probability that a superficial glance at some of these "controversial" articles may lead one to think our differences are too deep to meet halfway, in reality they are not… I still consider myself a Christian, just as Thomas Jefferson did. All we must do, in a sense, is acknowledge the simple fact that we choose to interpret scripture a bit differently!

Lipscomb University - Science Building entrance, West side of campus - Nashville, TennesseeThat being said, I deeply respect what you are doing with the Center for Spiritual Renewal at Lipscomb University. I can only imagine what some of the crusty, old-school fundamentalists might have thought about Lipscomb creating something more spiritual than religious

To me, there is nothing in this life more important than a genuinely honest quest for spiritual truth. This belief did manage to successfully stick in my mind from my early religious training, and I’m certain it always will.

Lipscomb University library - Nashville, TennesseeThat being the case, I have spent the majority of my spare time since around age 33 (ironic, I know) in a deep and meaningful quest for spiritual truth from multiple angles and worldviews. I would not trade that time for anything.

Future collaboration on articles or other spirituality-related projects sure would be nice; however, I doubt you’d be allowed to agree with the likes of me, even if you wanted to! :) Should any related opportunities become possible at some point, it would be a great honor to consider assisting with them in some way.

I eagerly anticipate our upcoming meeting. I intend to send you a few more links that detail current beliefs, in the event you are interested in discussing them in detail, or would like the opportunity to prepare more deeply for our discussion on April 18.

What do you REALLY think?