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Twisted views of ‘Christian’ fundamentalist disinformation group Cornwall Alliance

Resisting the Green Dragon and related far-right 'Christian' fundamentalist conspiracy theories I just opened a mass marketing email I received a few days ago from the Cornwall Alliance. [Read Cornwall email, below] NOTE: It is very important to remember that everything you read here (and everywhere else) consists of opinion or is slanted in some

Attending a conservative men’s Bible group in Nashville

An experience with Nashville Inner City Ministry A couple of weeks ago, I accepted a very kind invitation to serve, at minimum, as a warm body at an unspecified type of gathering at a local Church of Christ-supported thrift store. (It is related to the Nashville Inner City Ministry, as I later learned.) Had I

Help eradicate religious fundamentalism & hyper-partisanship for humanity’s sake

One of the most interesting statistics of the Search for Truth blog is the extreme rarity of opinions and comments from Christian fundamentalists and others who would almost certainly take issue with the material found here. The writers and partners find this rather amazing since the Search for Truth is a blog coming to readers

Is the United States a “Christian nation”?

Of course not; however, a crucual clarification is in order... CLARIFICATION: To be fair, the answer to this question really depends on one's perspective: Precisely, what does one mean by the words "Christian nation"? The context of "Christian nation" as discussed herein relates to whether Christianity was ever intended to be an officially preferred or

Christianity lacks coherent teachings on environment

The dearth of Biblical advice concerning nature & environment is yet another major problem with Christian fundamentalism As if intelligent, objective folks needed any more damning evidence concerning Christian fundamentalism... In 2013, there is no longer any question whatsover that mankind -- along with billions of other living beings of all kinds -- is inextricably