Legalize pot, already!

It's high time to change marijuana policy in the United States There are many reasons to legalize marijuana in the United States and elsewhere – and there are very few, if any, truly wise and rational reasons to maintain our

Reasonable people: Unite for decriminalization

Please sign this petition Contents of this post Executive summary The facts, followed by link to petition Facebook comment by Scott Why is pot illegal? Political positions on personal freedoms Ron Paul (Libertarian, disguised as Republican) Rick Perry (Tea Party/

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Is A.A. a religious program?

Is Alcoholics Anonymous fundamentally a religious program or a spiritual program? A relatively objective, realistic, experienced look at 12-step recovery programs Introduction We hope to demonstrate and convey more respect and appreciation for Alcoholics Anonymous & 12-step recovery groups in

Decriminalize drug use now: End the war on drugs, reinstate personal freedom

Updated on July 2, 2012... The majority of intelligent, reasonable, objective people who have spent a little time examining the facts can come to only one conclusion about the U.S. war on drugs: it is an abysmal failure of fantastic