Critical thought & religion: Thinking critically about religious belief systems

Are you really willing to devote demanding critical thought to your religious beliefs and political opinions? Consider it a personal challenge & you'll come to appreciate it. Critical thinking is an effort to develop reliable, rational evaluations about what is reasonable for us to believe and disbelieve. Critical thinking makes use of the tools of

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Is Search for Truth an anti-Christian/ anti-religion blog?

Overall, absolutely not; we support all genuinely tolerant, respectful worldviews while offering hopefully persuasive, thought-provoking, constructive criticism on closed-minded, intolerant worldviews (e.g., any sort of fundamentalism). Along with so many other resources, we are happy to provide and describe many excellent reasons to avoid fundamentalist, hyperpartisan, and other rigid, divisive positions of the sort that

Knowledge vs. ignorance

This post -- dedicated to those who would choose religious fundamentalism over knowledge -- was inspired by a quotation positing the uselessness and futility of unapplied knowledge. Bill, a religious friend of mine and quite a good fellow, referenced one of his favorite quotes about knowledge during another of our frequent and enjoyable hikes at

Documentary films about religion, religious fundamentalism

It is wonderful to finally be able to type again without experiencing pain -- and without causing even more delay in the healing of the bone fractures in my left arm and wrist from that ultra-embarrassing bicycle crash that happened weeks and weeks ago! I can now sit (soon I will be standing; more on

Target audience: Search for "truth" in religion and spirituality

The set of writings often abbreviated as "the Search"[1] is devoted to discerning religious or spiritual “truth”[2] from the rich and myriad history of world religions, traditions, and spiritual paths. It is nothing less than the transformation of consciousness -- from worry to peace, from ignorant to awake, from egotistical to unified... The target audience