A conception of God

One man's perspective on spirituality, religion, & God First, a quick disclaimer. Like virtually everything else one reads, the following writeup isn't completely objective; it comes from just one man's perspective -- in this case, it springs from the writer's

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Responding to bonlou’s Hatch Creek Bible Blog post, "God or Mother Nature?"

I have finally decided to publish a detailed response to a religious (conservative fundamentalist Christianity, in this case) blog post titled, God or Mother Nature? and appears on a very conservative Christian fundamentalist blog called Hatch Creek Bible Blog. The

Stages of spiritual growth, spiritual development

NOTE: This unfinished post was originally published in my personal blog. The subject matter may be too controversial and off-topic to fit well into the personal blog & is perhaps more fitting for Search for Truth... I have not yet

Bible God: The deity of modern Christian fundamentalism

What do Christians visualize when they think about God? The term Bible God is used occasionally throughout this Search for Truth blog. Bible God is our proper noun for the general version or idea of God resulting from a literal

Why pick on Hard Right religious fundamentalist and fideistic beliefs?

To discourage irrational, intolerant religious extremism... The usual disclaimer: Traditional, respectful, tolerant, spiritually-principled flavors of Christianity and other religions are not the subject here. Far-right religious nationalists should keep their religion to themselves if we are to hang on to