A Fresh Start: Sample maid service website

This email explains some basics about the starter website I created for A Fresh Start: Your Affordable Maid Service in Dickson, TN.

The link is:

Experiment with it if you like

If you want to experiment with the site by logging in & fooling around, this email provides basic instructions on how to do that. If this is something you care nothing about, then you can ignore this email. (BTW, everything I have done so far has taken only 1 hour, which shows how easy this website platform is to use.)

NOTE: My feelings will NOT be hurt if you choose not to use my services or anything I have done so far! It is your choice. If I DO get to help you with your website, then we will work out some sort of win-win situation that is affordable. I will NOT charge you market rates or even my usual rate.

The look & feel of the website can be easily changed

I don’t know if you’ve looked at the starter website yet, but one thing I meant to clarify is that the graphic design (i.e., the graphics, images, layout, and other visual aspects) of the starter website is simply the default look when no different design has been applied. Your site does NOT have to look anything like this… the website that currently exists is merely a bare foundation meant to show you how easy & versatile WordPress really is.

Logging in as an admin

Your login — that is, your username & password — are now set to [removed]. Your username/password are used to log in to the administration part of the site so you can experiment with updating/changing/editing the site, if you would care to experiment with that. You can update pages or add new pages by clicking on Pages on the menu at right (after you are logged in). When not logged in, the administration pages will not be visible or accessible. (The link near the top of this email shows what the public sees.)

Two ways to get to the login screen

  1. Go to the starter website (the link above), scroll down to the footer (the very bottom of the page), and click on the Site Admin link
  2. Navigate to any page in the admin section

If you have any questions, just let me know.

A few projects of mine

Below are some other websites that are also based on the WordPress platform:

Free WordPress themes 2013

logo: WordPressMany of the newer designs are "responsive" themes, which means the theme is designed to work with virtually any display size from hi-res monitors to smartphones.

  • Theme Seller Reviews: Winners and LosersWPMU.org A comprehensive review of every major WordPress theme provider
  • Resources: Free WordPress themes 2013

    Demos: A few notable free WordPress themes

    These links are demos of some of the WordPress themes I found interesting. It is the list above which showcases many dozens or even hundreds of nice, free, newish WordPress themes.

    Adding background image to WordPress site

    Experimenting with WordPress backgrounds

    NOTE: This post originated as an email to a friend and WordPress user

    I finally got around to testing background images on one of my blogs, and as it turns out I rather like the effect. Perhaps I’ll soon follow suit with some of the other blogs. I know that you have loads of high-resolution images you could use as backgrounds for your sites.

    Although the current background image — a rather blurry photo of a sky full of cirrus clouds at sunset — isn’t the highest quality photo, it should suffice at least as a test to demonstrate the visual effect of a static background image.

    My monitor is currently set to a fairly high resolultion (1600px width), so I chose a 1600px-wide image as my first test background image.

    View or modify the resolution settings of your monitor by right-clicking on any blank area on the desktop, then selecting Screen Resolution from the context menu.

    From the WordPress Dashboard, just go to Appearance -- Background. I set this background image to Center, No Tiling, and to be Static so that the image stays in the same place even when you scroll down the page.

    Here’s what it looks like:

    Documentaries: How corporations, consumerism, other mechanisms work against democracy, greater good (Another Day, Another Digression)

    House Rules & Guidelines

    1. Give your best efforts to practice honesty, open mindedness, and willingness toward the recovery program. Your time at Discovery Place and your recovery will be much more enjoyable, rewarding, and beneficial if you follow these spiritual principles to the best of your ability.
    2. In your studies and group discussions, please don’t be shy or afraid to ask questions. Be open about lack of understanding in any areas. If you are not sure about something, ask questions! NOW is the time.
    3. Be open and honest with fellow guests. When you see irresponsibility, remember that such actions and poor attitudes have a negative effect on your own recovery and sobriety. Raise the matter in a community meeting so that it may be discussed and resolved for the benefit of everyone. If you don’t want to call out or embarrass a fellow guest, names do not have to be used; the point is to talk about it and resolve it.
    4. The daily schedule (included in this booklet) sets out times for all Discovery Place activities each week, from arising at 6am (on weekdays) to lights-out at 11pm. All guests are expected to follow this schedule except when a staff member announces any exceptions to the regular schedule.
    5. You are expected to attend all meetings, groups, films, and AA meetings as set out in the daily schedule. Please be present and on time for all scheduled activities, including meals. Where possible, do not interrupt group meetings for bathroom breaks or coffee refills. Please plan ahead as a courtesy to group leaders and your fellow guests.
    6. You will be given ample free time for study, required reading, writing, etc. Discipline yourself to sleep at night after each day’s scheduled activities. Please do not go back to bed after arising in the morning unless you are sick and have discussed it with the Health Care Coordinator.
    7. Reach out to new guests. Help orient new guests to acceptable behavior and promt attendance at all group activities and meals.
    8. Be sure to make your bed each morning and keep your room clean & tidy all day, every day. Perform your work assignments before 8:00am and help other guests with their chores when you finish your own.
    9. As was explained during your admittance to Discovery Place, there are to be absolutely no mobile phones, beepers, CDs, DVDs, radios, videos, computers, iPods, iPads, tablets, or any other related gadgets. No magazines or books are allowed except a Bible or other religious or spiritual books and the recovery books supplied by staff members. Discovery Place is a spiritual retreat.
    10. Access to guest bedrooms are limited to guests and staff only. No visitors are allowed upstairs in the Main House, nor are they allowed in the Squirrel House, or the Chicken House. Only assigned guests are allowed in the Squirrel House and the Chicken House. There is ample community space on the ground floor of the Main House.
    11. Guests shall not leave the grounds except in the company of a staff member or others approved by the staff, such as the drivers to outside recovery meetings. Guests may not operate motor vehicles for any reason during their stay. Guests are to refrain from meeting visitors in the parking lot or approaching any vehicles in the parking lot without a staff member present. Guests shall respect all volunteer drivers and follow their instructions.
    12. TOBACCO: There is to be no use of tobacco products of any form during the group sessions, either indoors or outside. It is standard practice to allow 15-minute breaks periodically throughout the day. Smoking is not permitted in any Discovery Place building except in the designated smoking room next to the back patio of the Main House. Cigarette butts must be extingished in ash trays or receptacles provided. Do not discard cigarette butts on the ground.
    13. MEALS are to be eaten in the dining room. No food of any kind is allowed in the Chapel, the Quiet Room, or any bedroom. Meals are served at regular times according to the daily schedule. Guests are expected to be on time for all meals. Guides, group leaders, and speakers are to ensure their groups end on time to tive guests plenty of time to prepare for and eat meals. Serving lines will remain open for 45 minutes after serving commences and will then shut down. Food service will be denied to those not arriving within designated meal times. No food is to be taken from the dining area for eating elsewhere, nor is the Guest Kitchen food to be substituted for regular meals. Guests and staff are asked to vacate the dining area promptly after each meal; socializing and business is to be conducted elsewhere after meals are eaten.
    14. Advance notice is required for any visitor meals, including former guests; otherwise, visitors, volunteers, and former guests must wait until all resident guests are fed. This advance notice should be given at the Front Desk no later than the day before. This is required for proper meal planning.
    15. VALUABLES, including cash, jewelry, and clothing must be protected by our guests. Do not leave valuables in such places as to be temptations for others. Safekeeping can be arranged through your Guide, the Executive Director, or Human Resources.
    16. ILLNESS: Any guest feeling ill is expected to report promptly to the Health Care Coordinator for assessment and necessary action or medication. If a guest is unable to leave bed, ensure that the Health Care Coordinator is promptly informed of the illness. In addition to helping our guests, these actions are necessary to avoid speading any contagious illnesses, including the common cold.
    17. Doctor appointments and other previously arranged outside healthcare must be discussed with the Health Care Coordinator upon arrival. It will be the responsibility of the guest to have a family member or approved friend to transport the guest to any such appointments made prior to arrival at Discovery Place. Consideration should be given to postponing or canceling such appointments. Discovery Place staff is not available or responsible for this transportation.
    18. MAIL: All outside mail intended for current guests should be addressed to the guest and mailed to:

      P.O. Box 130
      Burns, TN 37029

      The physical address of Discovery Place is:

      1635 Spencer Mill Rd.
      Burns, TN 37029

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    classic rock group Heart performing Magic ManIf you want to maximize your chances for lots of hits on your blog posts, then blog about subjects that are currently trending on major search engines.

    For historical search trends — that is, for empirical data on Google searches — Google Zeitgeist is the tool to use.

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