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How to burn a DVD with Freemake Video Converter freeware

Freemake Video Converter logoEventually, this post will include an idiot-proof How-To set of steps showing how to burn a DVD that will play in a normal DVD player.

I had wrongly assumed that burning to DVD by default implied that the burned disc would play on a DVD player. I wasted plenty of blank DVDs before I realized the error, blaming all the failures on faulty freeware, bad blank DVD discs, etc.

Not every video burned to a DVD will play on a home DVD player. For that you need to reproduce DVD-Video structure consisting of VOB, IFO, BUP files. Freemake Video Converter is an easy solution to create DVD videos. Follow the below steps to burn DVD video for your home DVD. (Source: How to burn DVD video: Freemake)

Earlier today, I used Freemake Video Converter to create two DVDs that played satisfactorily on my DVD player by following the instructions on the Freemake page, How to burn DVD video. The results were not perfect, but then again I have not yet seen a perfectly burned DVD of downloaded video. There are occasional bad spots.

Step one: Tap +Video
Click the +Video button

Step two: Select files
Browse your hard drive(s) or other storage media for the video(s) you’d like to burn to DVD

Step three: Set parameters
Click "to DVD"; use the default settings or change aspect ratio, title, menu type, video system…

Step four: Burn it
Make sure that the output destination is your DVD drive; insert a blank DVD disc and click "Burn"…

Test results: Most reliable DVD burning freeware yet

After 48 hours of testing, I am pleased to say that Freemake Video Converter is the best DVD burning freeware I have tested yet! So far I have burned about 15 discs — and there have been zero failures! This is outstanding in comparison to the others I’ve tested recently.

Resources: How to burn DVD with Freemake Video Converter freeware

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Excellent video conversion & burning freeware

It’s about freaking time…

Thanks to all the time I’ve invested, I’m an expert at locating & downloading any movie or TV show you can think of -– but finding reliable freeware to burn these shows onto DVD has been a real ordeal. I have experienced failure after failure.

However, this evening I have been testing Aura Video Converter 1.3.8, and it has proved capable not only for converting video but for burning it onto DVD: DVDs that actually work!!

This evening I have burned DVDs containing various episodes of The Walking Dead (Season 1) and American Horror Story (Season 1). They have all functioned properly, which is highly unusual for freeware – at least, that I’ve tested so far.

Resources: Excellent video conversion & burning freeware

This post was written on Saturday, March 24, 2012

Burning DVDs from FLVs with freeware

Sunset near Green Hills - Nashville, TNI’ve done lots of experimenting with ripping and burning movie DVDs; for a long time I enjoyed much success using the powerful combination of DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, and ImgBurn: that acclaimed trio of popular, experienced DVD ripping and burning freeware titles.

Recently, I’ve been more interested in burning playable DVDs from FLV files. FLV is the current web standard for video, and has been for a while now. (The now-ubiquitous FLV video format may fall out of favor on the web in coming months or years; we’ll see.)

The first product I used for a significant length of time to create DVDs from FLV files was Sothink Movie DVD Maker. While Sothink accepted and burned most FLVs, the success rate was only 15%, give or take. The vast majority of discs either had video with no sound, sound with no video, or quit working before the movie ended – infuriating.

This was totally unacceptable, as it wasted lots of time as well as a large stack of formerly blank DVDs.

Tonight, I decided to pull Sothink Movie DVD Maker out of retirement; I wanted to burn a DVD for my father. This time, however, Sothink would not even open or accept the FLV file I wanted to burn; an unknown error occurred, and I could not proceed. This sent me on a search for alternate freeware capable of burning a DVD from FLV.

True freeware that is certified as spyware free (e.g., those listed at CNET) is rather difficult to find. My choices were pretty much limited to lessware: those lite trial versions. I prefer not to install any lessware on my PC.

After some research, I decided upon AoA DVD Creator; I downloaded the trial version (7 uses or 5 days, whichever is less). It successfully opened the FLV file and is now taking its time to burn the first DVD I’ve yet attempted. We shall see…

Resources: Burning DVDs with freeware

Some of the better video converters to try
Aura Free

Saturday, September 10, 2011