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Thanks for the updates on Google+. Good job! I hope you are enjoying your day and following up on some leads in Nashville…

This will probably be my last detailed SEO consulting advice until I have finished this leg of website and blog work.

Congratulations on SEO success

In about a week and with less than ten hours of work, we have succeeded in getting you listed in the top ten of Google for the search terms Tennessee sourcing consultants.

Be sure to interlink all your web assets

I have not yet had a chance to check it out, but you want to be certain you have included links to your site and to your blog on ALL of your web assets, including LinkedIn, Google+, et al. As discussed, the general goal is to interlink ALL of your web properties in addition to persuading others to add links on THEIR sites to YOUR site and blog (these are called backlinks).

Prepare for eventual backlink campaign

You might start a list of people and organizations you know who have sites and blogs. We will use this list when we get around to launching your backlink campaign. This is third in importance to content (#1) and social media properties (#2).

Facebook page

A Facebook page would also help quite a bit. I don’t like Facebook either, but it can no longer be ignored since it has surpassed Google in popularity. Although it does remain a touchy subject in some circles, and there are ongoing court battles, birth dates are usually considered to be public information. In any case, it’s unlikely any harm will come to you by creating a Facebook account then page. (This is merely my recommendation… do what you feel you need to do.)

SEO focus

As has always been the plan, this chunk of hours will consist of SEO-focused work (content, links, resources, etc.) rather than imagery. However, I will not leave any image slots empty – that just won’t fly for a professional website.

So, the items you listed (apart from the logo), are exactly what I have been working on and will soon present to you – most likely late this evening, if all goes well (as I expect it will). Logos and graphics in general have no bearing on SEO, which has been the goal from the start.

Web content

If you have written any additional content specific to the following, please let me know, as I will be using existing (or creating new) content to fill out these areas. NOTE: I am speaking of content separate from any blog content. (Google penalizes duplicate content, so you do not want to have the same text in several places.)

  • Lists of the best resources for people interested in sourcing/cost reduction (to be used on new website page Resources — listing excellent resources visitors — as well as other consultants — may be interested in)
  • Descriptions of specific services you offer (to be used on new website pages for Services web page)
  • Images

    Some of my time will be spent finding, editing, and implementing suitable images. If you have any images to contribute that will allow me to spend my time on more important facets of this work, please send them along.

    Should I lower my hourly rate for website services?

    New, lower hourly rate on temporary basis to attract new business
    I have decided to reduce my hourly rate to $25 an hour (down from $35/hr.). Then, once I succeed in getting new clients or work that fills up my time, I can start moving the hourly rate back up, gradually, closer to fair market value. What do you think?

    More soon – have a great day!
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