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A quick lesson: The META description tag

The proper syntax for the DESCRIPTION tag is:

<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Your descriptive sentence or two goes here.">

Re: Google, most other META tags are useless for content purposes. You cannot control crawl frequency with any META tag, and if even this is new to you, just concentrate on optimizing your page titles and making them unique for every page on your website.

In the earliest days of SEO, the information contained in a META "description" tag could slightly boost rankings for the words that were contained within it; however, none of today’s top three (3) search engines – Google, Bing, & Yahoo – use the META tag for ranking purposes.

So, whether you use your important keyword phrases in your META "description" tags or not, the position of your page in the search engine results will not be affected. So in terms of rankings, you could easily leave it out altogether – but you should include it nevertheless.

There are at least four (4) notable reasons to make META "description" tags a standard part of your SEO and overall internet marketing strategy.

  1. META Description tags are often used to generate the description (or a partial description) of your web page, if it shows up in the search results.
  2. META Description tags are often used as part of the descriptive information for your pages when Google shows extended information for your site.
  3. META Description tags are often used as the default description in social media marketing links such those found on Facebook and Google+.
  4. Using the META Description tag as recommended should be a part of all web projects in conformity with basic, best-practices rules if you wish to abide by modern web standards. In the SEO universe, it’s simply the "right" thing to do.

It’s like a basic, universal “spiritual principle” for websites and blogs.

Source: http://www.hobo-web.co.uk/how-to-best-use-meta-tags/

HTML code snippets for WordPress blogging

creative shot of the Eiffel TowerI’ve found it very useful to have a convenient stash of HTML/XHTML code snippets from which to copy and paste as needed while I’m writing blog content. These code snippets work just fine in WordPress; just make sure you’re in HTML mode and not Visual mode.

To name a section of content
<a name="resources"></a>

To set text color for H2 title: [ color codes: new window ]
<H2 style="color:#FF0000">

To set background color for blockquote section:
<blockquote style="background-color:#C6E2FF; padding:10px; margin:10px">

To set text color for blockquote section:
<blockquote style="color:#C6E2FF; padding:10px; margin:10px">

To display an image from our image collection:
Dispensed to friends and clients only due to server load issues

NOTE: For our list of HTML color codes shown as colored text, see Colored text: Add a dash of color to your blog content

Resources: Code snippets