Excellent video conversion & burning freeware

It’s about freaking time…

Thanks to all the time I’ve invested, I’m an expert at locating & downloading any movie or TV show you can think of -– but finding reliable freeware to burn these shows onto DVD has been a real ordeal. I have experienced failure after failure.

However, this evening I have been testing Aura Video Converter 1.3.8, and it has proved capable not only for converting video but for burning it onto DVD: DVDs that actually work!!

This evening I have burned DVDs containing various episodes of The Walking Dead (Season 1) and American Horror Story (Season 1). They have all functioned properly, which is highly unusual for freeware – at least, that I’ve tested so far.

Resources: Excellent video conversion & burning freeware

This post was written on Saturday, March 24, 2012