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Marketing ideas for S.D. photography services

I came up with another idea to help promote your nature photography services… a basic introductory campaign via snail mail with aggressive follow-up using email, social media, and other contact methods.

Introduce yourself: Marketing campaign

Introduce yourself to Tennessee publishers, art departments, etc. in a welcome way: A smart marketing strategy that includes a decent freebie.

Choose a small set of excellent nature photographs you are willing to give away in this marketing campaign.

All decisions in the process of delivering this package should aid in the quest to get your package noticed and remembered by the people you are trying to reach: the decision makers of the graphic departments (or their equivalents) of the target organizations & businesses.

Cover letter
Have someone write (or write it yourself & have someone edit it) an excellent cover letter to explain your services, this photography marketing effort, your donation of photography services to the Tennessee nature magazine (I forgot which one that was), some of your experience, and perhaps even some suggested ways the photos might be used.

Do not write this cover letter yourself; do some web research on the most effective, persuasive sales language, points to stress, etc., etc. to increase the chances of being taken seriously and getting noticed. Have someone write it for you, or use the services of an editor if you write it yourself. Hopefully you will land a photography gig from some of these organizations.

Determine the most professional way photo art is delivered to clients by the best photographers in the business, and use that method to deliver this package. (I have no idea what the standards are; maybe it’s just the USPS. The point I am making is to use the most professional, best-in-class delivery method.)

Actions required
• Select some excellent freebies that actually appear to be worth something (despite being free).
• Define the target market very specifically.
• Design the package so it will be noticed.
• Use the most professional, classy method to deliver the packages.
• Include a professionally written, noticeably unique cover letter; make its content creative, and definitely not predictable or standard.

Other general marketing strategies

Issue a press release announcing your services.

This post was started on Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pinging in the blogosphere

Marketing your blog: blog marketing basics

originally written for client SD on Monday, January 24, 2011

A ping is a mechanism by which a blogger notifies a server that its content has been updated. A signal is sent to one or more ping servers, which can then create a list of new material. Many blog authoring tools, like WordPress, can be set to automatically ping one or more servers each time a post is created or updated.

The ping service Ping-O-Matic is already built in by default for blogs hosted by WordPress.com. You can also set up any number of pings manually by using ping services other than those offered in Ping-O-Matic. There are many good resources for the more deliberate and selective blogger, such as pingmyblog.com.

While ping implementation for a blog was a no-brainer in years past, it is no longer automatically assumed to be beneficial due to the prevalence of spambots and similar garbage. Use common sense.

Resources – Pinging

Ping – wiki
Understanding blog-and-ping
Ping List
Are Trackbacks and Pingbacks Still Useful?

Backlinks: Blog marketing basics

Marketing your blog: blog marketing basics

Importance of backlinks

originally written for client SD on Monday, January 24, 2011

Like many other posts, this started out as an email to a friend and client; however, my continued appending, revising, strengthening, and footnoting caused it to grow from a quick, suggestive email to a substantial post (or a series of short posts, as it turns out). Since the vast majority of this information has the potential of being useful to many people, I decided to post it.

Here are a very few beginner suggestions for attracting more traffic to your new blog. This information is very general and foundational — just the tip of the tip of the iceberg, really. Each of these subjects – especially SEM, and to a lesser degree, SEO – is a very broad and inclusive topic in and of itself.

Subjects covered:
Social Media
SEO in General

About backlinks

Backlink is just a fancy term which refers to any link to your site from someone else’s site. Backlinks are substantial because they are #2 on the list of SEO ranking importance as far as search engines like Google are concerned.

The only factor that’s more important than backlinks is the actual, textual, website content (the quality, quantity, and relevance of the content on your website). Content will always be the king of ranking factors on any good search engine, simply because that is what people are looking for when they search. (I am starting to hear alternate opinions, but I’ve not yet heard of any factor that would be more important to a person than the content on a given website.)

The weight attributed to each backlink varies and is dependent upon the relevance, quality, popularity, etc. of the linked site. For example, a link to your nature photography blog from the website of a custom furniture designer would have far less weight than a link from a stock photography site, a photography club site, etc. (which are both examples of topically relevant sites).

Ask every blogger and webmaster you know (or anyone who controls a relevant, well-Googled, PageRanked website) to add a link from their photography-relevant site to your site. You might return the favor by reciprocating and adding their link to your site, too (this is called a reciprocal link), on an appropriate webpage such as Photography Resources or Friends of Nashville Nature Photography. On a WordPress site, you can easily add their site to your categorized links if you don’t already have a separate page for these kinds of links.

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