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Lipscomb University: Internet marketing guidelines

Rules for student workers

Participants in social media content creation

Lipscomb University campus - Nashville, TennesseeWriter: A student worker or other individual who has not yet been approved as a Reviewer; all Writers must have all new content vetted or approved by a Superior or a Reviewer before new content is published on the Internet

Reviewer: Writers who have been consistently producing quality, error-free content; once you have reached Reviewer level, the approval of a Superior is no longer necessary

Superior: Professor, teacher, teaching assistant, administrator, Reviewer

Rules for student workers, writers, and reviewers

1. There should never be any significant down time
2. Unless you have another assigned task, please spend your time writing
3. Have your writing approved by a Reviewer or a Superior before it is published
4. All social media content must be free of spelling and grammatical errors (spell check all your work, folks – it’s easy)

How to avoid student worker downtime permanently

In the absence of any other specific tasks, the student workers should continuously be generating new content. New content should be continuously added to:

1. Lipscomb’s own social media pages, outlets, accounts
2. Popular, relevant blogs about higher education
3. Quality blogs, sites, Facebook and Google+ pages, etc. whose subject matter directly relates to the Lipscomb topic being promoted

Approval of new content by a reviewer or a superior

This is a no-brainer, but we’ll say it anyway:

It is very important that all content published on the Internet in support of Lipscomb University be of sufficient quality; Lipscomb will be judged by the quality of the content published across a wide array of social media platforms.

In order to ensure we are publishing quality content on the Internet, we have created these simple procedures.

For all Writers: Please have your freshly written content reviewed and approved by a Reviewer or Superior before it is published on the Internet. Please check your content for spelling and grammatical errors before you submit it for review.

After you have been consistently generating quality, error-free social media content in support of Lipscomb for a time, you will hopefully be approved as a Reviewer; this means you no longer have to submit your new content for review before it is published.

Where to publish new content

In general, blogging and Facebook updates would be the top two priorities. Regarding the array of potential topics to write about, the only limit is the imagination!

Lipscomb’s own social media pages, outlets, & accounts

New content should be generated continuously on a wide array of social media pages or outlets that have already been created by Lipscomb marketing personnel, individual departments, and student workers, including:

1. blogging at WordPress.com
2. blogging at Blogger.com
3. blogging at tumblr
4. blogging on any other Lipscomb blogs
5. tweeting on Twitter
6. updating Facebook pages that have been created to feature Lipscomb areas of study
7. updating Google+ pages that have been created to feature specific Lipscomb areas of study

Non-Lipscomb sites, blogs, social media accounts

There are many, many other outlets to use for publishing content to promote Lipscomb, apart from the blogs and other social media accounts that have already been created by Lipscomb for Lipscomb personnel to update.

1. Leave well-written comments on popular blogs relating to higher education
2. Searches for Lipscomb in the news, adding your comments
3. When leaving comments on other blogs, always include the most relevant link so other readers can quickly locate the Lipscomb topic being promoted

Subject material: What to write about

Lipscomb University campus - Nashville, TennesseeNot being able to think of a topic to write about is certainly not a valid excuse for idle time, as there are virtually endless lists of ideas. This is limited only by the imagination. Here are some ideas for subjects and topics for blog posts, articles, Facebook updates, and other social media content.

1. Emulate the blogs, sites, Facebook & Google+ pages, Twitter accounts, et al of the top 20 business schools in the world
2. The Lipscomb University student handbook
3. Lipscomb’s recent newspapers, alumni magazines, bulletins, announcements
4. Googling for target subjects (e.g., Nashville CPA education) on other blogs, and leaving quality comments on those blogs, discussion forums, etc.
5. Write features about particular teachers, professors, administrators
6. Write features about particular classes, certificates, majors, minors, areas of study, etc.
7. Job outlook/forecast material

SEO tactics finally applied to Supernatural Horror blog

horror movie - hellraiser, 1987, clive barkerOn Oct. 27, 2011, the Hellraiser post on the Supernatural Horror blog ranked #18 on Google for search terms Hellraiser, 1987 horror movie. While #18 is not in itself an impressive ranking, it is far higher than it should be based on the minimal effort put into the initial writing of the horror film post. Considering the number of entertainment listing and review sites that typically use up all the highest rankings for popular movies, 18 is pretty darn amazing if you carefully consider it.

Examples of sites that typically maintain the top Google rankings for horror movie searches include: IMDb, Amazon, Wikipedia, major horror movie review sites, YouTube, etc.

Since installing the plugin WordPress Popular Posts, I’ve confirmed that this Hellraiser writeup is the most popular post on this Supernatural Horror blog.

Supernatural Horror gets very little traffic, averaging only 50 pageviews per week for the last few months. However, traffic climbed to just over 100 weekly pageviews this month (October 2011) – mainly due to two things:

  1. the approach of Halloween
  2. I have begun to spend time improving this blog and implementing my standard SEO procedures to attract more traffic (e.g., adding the SEO Ultimate plugin, improving content, adding many more external links, etc.)

Given the recent SEO efforts, it will be very interesting to see what happens traffic-wise over the next few weeks and months at Supernatural Horror.

Free SEO consulting: Nashville, Tennessee

daytime skyline - Nashville, Tennessee

In an effort to conduct a bit of possibly unusual business networking for our small Nashville-area website services firm (Nashville SEO & Web Content), we are now offering a bit of free website consulting to anyone who asks, for a limited time, with only minimal caveats:

  1. Questions must be reasonable;
  2. I’ll spend up to 20 minutes per email with my carefully considered response, to the best of my ability; and
  3. This offer will be honored unless I am overloaded with requests (not likely).

The friendly, professionally laid-back staff at Nashville SEO & Web Content offers the following web services at affordable rates:

  • Content-oriented, natural/organic SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Content creation: writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, etc.
  • Custom, relevant, search engine-friendly content
  • WordPress blogs
  • HTML tags, XHTML tags
  • Blogging, ghostblogging at predetermined intervals
  • Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, blog posts published at predetermined times
  • Affordable SMM (social media marketing)
  • Free PDF guides for established clients

If you have a question or two about the following subjects, please feel free to submit your questions to Stephen – the Nashville SEO guy – at the email address beginning with the word hiking followed by the word nature at gmail, completed with a dot com. You may also submit your questions via comment; I’ll remove your questions from public view when I respond, unless you state beforehand that it’s OK to display the info.

  • Creating an affordable web presence
  • Considerations in deciding between a blog and a traditional website
  • CSS layouts vs. table layouts
  • WordPress and SEO
  • Getting started in social media
  • Relationship of social media to SEO efforts
  • Surpassing your competition in Google search results
  • Simple steps in starting a modest backlink campaign
  • Possible sources for relevant content
  • Ideas for additional custom content
  • Increasing your visibility on the web
  • Increasing your Google visibility
  • The “big” SEO secret

Here are examples of a few questions we might be able to help you answer:

  • What is the best online SEO tool currently available? (The one I have in mind still has a free 30-day trial.)
  • Should we have a static website, or should we use something like WordPress or Joomla?
  • Which (x)HTML tags, attributes, etc. really matter for SEO purposes?
  • Is Google Analytics worth the trouble?
  • How much is too much to pay for a new website or blog?
  • How much is too much to pay for SMM (social media marketing)?
  • How much is too much to pay for graphic design/ web design?
  • What happened to custom web design services?
  • What are backlinks, and why should I have them?
  • What are some of the questions I should ask prospective web design firms, web development firms, SMM professionals, and SEO professionals before we hire them?

Only a few subjects are beyond the scope of this free web consulting offer. They include:

  • Programming (web development)
  • Databases (web development)
  • Statistical analysis (SEO)

Please submit your questions to the Nashville SEO guy at the email address beginning with the word hiking followed by the word nature at gmail, completed with a dot com – or via comment below.

Examples: Excellent Google SEO results for our clients

Last week, we needed to provide concrete examples of our SEO skills and experience to new client. We conducted the following searches relating to services offered by a few of our longtime clients to see where their web sites ranked on Google. (The site link is followed by the key words we Googled and how the site ranked.) Like our clients, we are quite pleased with the results.

Specific examples of SEO success via Google

Website (keywords) #GoogleRank
http://www.hikingnature.com/ (Nashville hiking) #2
http://www.brentwood-landscapes.com/ (Nashville landscaping) #3
http://www.brentwood-landscapes.com/ (Brentwood landscaping) #1
http://www.broderickbuilders.com/ (Nashville remodeling) #1
http://www.broderickbuilders.com/ (Nashville residential renovation) #1
http://bestwebnashville.com/ (Nashville web development) #2
http://bestwebnashville.com/ (Nashville web services) #4
http://bestwebnashville.com/(Nashville web content) #2
http://stevendieringer.com/ (Nashville nature photography) #1
http://actionsportsphoto.net/ (Nashville sports photography) #2

We would very much appreciate the chance to help your organization. With eleven (11) years of experience in general web design and development with a focus on creative, search engine-friendly writing, copywriting, blogging, etc., we can help you get noticed on the web – through web sites, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Web content, web marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization) are our bread and butter.

We truly enjoy the challenge of tweaking web sites and blogs to help them rank at (or near) the top of Google searches! If you know of any individuals, organizations, etc. that might need affordable web design, web development, search engine optimization, or any kind of writing services, we would really appreciate it if you would pass along our contact info.

WordPress SEO: Search engine friendly URLs

Assuming the reader is interested in the search engine performance of a given WordPress project, one of the primary musts when setting up your own WordPress site is to adjust the permalink settings to produce search engine-friendly URLs, as opposed to the standard, default, ugly URL format. This way, your URL will contain key words – including the category of your post and the title of your post.

You can change your permalink settings by logging in and selecting Settings –> Permalinks. (As I write this, the version of WordPress I am using is 3.0.4.) I chose Custom Structure and entered the following:


Before you make a final decision on your WordPress permalink settings, it would be wise to check out Choosing your permalink structure at WordPress.org.

Resources: WordPress SEO – Friendly URLs

Using Permalinks (WordPress.org)