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Get your free Portal Page: A value-added service for all clients

random humorThis is a friendly reminder to all existing clients, friends, partners, and relatives of Stephen Frasier/ BestWeb Nashville or Atlanta/ Nashville SEO & Web Content that I offer a free Portal Page.

The purpose of a Portal Page (or Links Page, as some would call it) is simple: to boost efficiency. Having a Portal Page is amazingly convenient – and using the Portal Page saves valuable time. Using it can be even faster than using your browser’s bookmarking feature – and it can be set up more quickly and easily.

All frequent users of the Internet have a collection of websites they visit daily, or at least very often. Examples of sites one might visit daily/ frequently:

  1. Major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask)
  2. Major news sites (CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, any of dozens of other sites)
  3. Local news
  4. Local weather conditions (5- and 10-day forecasts, radar maps, etc.)
  5. Your own website(s) and blog(s)
  6. Your own social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr)
  7. Amazon, eBay, other shopping sites
  8. Favorite blogs and other websites
  9. Financial pages, Wall Street numbers
  10. Latest business news
  11. Political commentary
  12. Movie listings, reviews, show times
  13. Reference sites (Dictionary.com, Wordnik, Thesaurus, Grammar, etc.)
  14. Industry-specific sites
  15. Employment sites
  16. Automobile sites
  17. Advice sites
  18. Dating sites
  19. Sports sites
  20. Hobby sites
  21. Streaming video, movie, TV shows, other entertainment

And the list goes on and on…

spiral galaxyYou could have your new Portal Page set up so that it pops up automatically in the very first tab of your preferred web browser each and every time you surf the web. (Modern web browsers include Firefox and Chrome; a few of you may even still be using Internet Explorer for some reason.)

This way, all of your frequently used links are right in front of you – just waiting to be clicked. Using the Portal Page is even faster than using your web browser’s bookmarking feature because you don’t have to open anything before clicking a link.

If you would like for us to create your very own customized Portal Page, please let Stephen know by email.

To get your own Portal Page, the following information would be helpful:

  • A list of the links you want included on your Portal Page

Frequently asked questions: Portal Page FAQ

What if I don’t have time to make a list?

I realize many of my clients, friends, and partners will NOT take the time to create such a list – and that’s OK. I can probably guess many of the sites you might want listed on your custom Portal Page. If I omit some of your favorite sites, you can just email me a note to add them at your convenience.

Do you have a Portal Page? I want to see it.

My own Portal Page is a little messy, but I will show it to you anyway so you’ll better understand what I am talking about here. (I do not need any feedback concerning my Portal Page.)

Stephen’s personal Portal Page, which opens automatically in his browser every time Chrome or Firefox starts

What if I don’t know how to set up a web page to open automatically in my web browser?

Of course, I will include instructions on how to have your new Portal Page open automatically every time you start your web browser.

There must be a catch; this will end up costing me something, right?

Nope. This is a free service for all clients, partners, friends, and family. There are no hidden fees (nor any fees out in the open). I will use a basic Portal Page layout which has been designed to contain lots of organized links.

Here are two of my favorite layouts (designs) to use, simply because they were designed to display lots and lots of links:

Who will be looking at my Portal Page?

Generally, only you will see your Portal Page; it is for your own personal use. The only people that will know about your page are those to whom you decide to give your link. Search engines will probably find your Portal Page eventually, but even this can be prevented.

Where will my Portal Page be published?

Your Portal Page will be uploaded to your preferred domain, in your own web hosting space (e.g., http://www.YOURSITE.com/john-smith-portal.html). If you do not have any hosted web space, then I will place it somewhere in my own web space at no charge to you (e.g., http://www.allisnow.com/john-smith-portal.html).

Can I change or add links to my Portal Page?

I don’t know – can you? (You certainly may!)

Caveat: Should anything unusual occur with any Portal Page that causes problems or costs me money (e.g., your Portal Page goes viral for some reason and ends up getting millions of hits [this is a virtual impossibility],then I reserve the right to take it down or change it.

If you have any other questions about this value-added service, just let me know.


Originally written on Monday, November 14, 2011

Possible smartphone app developers in Nashville, Tennessee

Google Android operating system

Goal: To find a Nashville-area smartphone app developer

Upon visiting the Horton Group website, I was unexpectedly met by one of those pop-up customer service windows. The conversation went something like this:

Horton Group: Hello, thanks for visiting the Horton Group. How can I help you?

Frasier: Wow – I’m looking for a local smartphone app developer with whom to discuss an idea for an accounting app.

Horton Group: We can help.

Frasier: Actually, I don’t have the specific details or requirements for the app, I’m just compiling a list of local (Nashville) contacts for my associate. Who’d be the best person to call there re: the development of an accounting app for the iPhone and/or Droid?

Google Android operating system

Incidentally, is the Horton Group hiring for any organic SEO/webmaster/writer/ghostwriter/blogger positions?

Horton Group: Call Ned Horton, the owner, at 292-8642. Are you looking for full-time web development work?

Frasier: I’m quite flexible; perhaps I could send a resume to someone there, to a particular email address?

Horton Group: There’s always a need for good writers. Send your email to ned (at) horton (immediately followed by) group (dot) com.

Frasier: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Horton Group: This is Pat… I am in Account Services. I work at Horton Group…

Frasier: How many employees? Is this the Nashville web development firm where Mr. D. Spears works, by any chance? Or Mr. B. Sumner?

Horton Group: About 12, do not know anyone named D*.

Frasier: Most don’t!

Horton Group: Is he good?!

Frasier: I’ve never worked with him; I went to high school with him many moons ago… Sorry for the delay, I’ve got several things going on here…

Horton Group: Same here – we will look for the email – cheers!

Frasier: Thanks.

Resources: Possible smartphone app developers in Nashville

Horton Group: Mobile app development

logo - Horton Group - Nashville web developers

Excerpt from Horton Group website: Horton Group can help your business create the applications that keep your business connected to your clients. The Internet is now in the palm of your hands, literally. Mobile technology is moving forward swiftly, Horton Group mobile application programmers will build your mobile business utilities.

If you are looking for Mobile Development, we will work with you to design the usability and develop the software for your unique niche. Meet the Horton Group mobile application development and project management teams, and launch your application development for cell phones and other handheld devices. We can also help you bring your portable technology and apps to market.

Other possible leads


Porting XHTML website templates to WordPress

In the 2000s, we created many clean, professional, effective static websites. In the 2010s, the standard web development modus operandi is to use the formidable WordPress engine to power our Nashville web development projects.

If you have any issues in porting or implementing XHTML templates using the WordPress tutorials and other guides listed here, then we suggest contacting the documentation codex of WordPress.

The information found here refers to 3rd party websites and resources.

Nashville SEO & Web Content is not responsible for the correctness of information provided by 3rd party websites.

Resources: Creating WordPress themes