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How to implement a new website

early MTV logosBackground: This short list of simple instructions was created for Kevin Sizemore, who found one of our web design and development services websites and asked us how to implement a brand new website he had recently created.

Here are the basics for setting up a website you’ve built. In creating these how to implement a new website instructions, it was necessary to make certain assumptions regarding your current level of expertise.

In the event you’d prefer us to take care of this, we — Nashville SEO & Web Content — will be happy to implement your new website for only $75 + out-of-pocket costs.
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    after tilt-shift photo effects
  1. Buy a domain name at GoDaddy.com (Cost: $11/yr.)
  2. Buy web hosting space at Bluehost (affordable and reliable web hosting service) (Cost: $9/mo.)
  3. Login to your domain registrar (I use GoDaddy.com); update the name servers to point to your new web hosting account (Bluehost nameservers are NS1.BLUEHOST.COM and NS2.BLUEHOST.COM)
  4. Login to your web hosting account (Bluehost) and set up your new domain using the Domain Manager. Within an hour or two of updating this setting, the site should come up when anyone tries to visit your new domain.
  5. While logged in to your account at Bluehost, create an FTP (File Transfer) account so you can upload files; see the Files section – choose FTP Accounts
  6. Use an FTP client (e.g., FileZilla – it’s free) to move the website folders & files from your local PC to the web server; here’s more information about FileZilla
  7. Name the file representing your home page index.htm (or index.html – I prefer to use .htm); this is the page your website visitors will automatically be shown first.

MAD Magazine cover - funnyThat should do it!

The list above is the simplest way I could possibly break it down and describe the steps in a reasonable amount of time. I hope this helps.

NOTE: An alternative to #3 and 4 above is to use Bluehost’s online FTP tool, called File Manager; however, if you are going to be making updates, adding images, etc., it’s really better to go ahead and set up your own FTP account.

Please let us know if I can help. Our charges are low & reasonable.

Nashville SEO & Web Content

Focus on SEO

Communicating with Nashville SEO clients and Nashville web content clients

Thanks for the updates on Google+. Good job! I hope you are enjoying your day and following up on some leads in Nashville…

This will probably be my last detailed SEO consulting advice until I have finished this leg of website and blog work.

Congratulations on SEO success

In about a week and with less than ten hours of work, we have succeeded in getting you listed in the top ten of Google for the search terms Tennessee sourcing consultants.

Be sure to interlink all your web assets

I have not yet had a chance to check it out, but you want to be certain you have included links to your site and to your blog on ALL of your web assets, including LinkedIn, Google+, et al. As discussed, the general goal is to interlink ALL of your web properties in addition to persuading others to add links on THEIR sites to YOUR site and blog (these are called backlinks).

Prepare for eventual backlink campaign

You might start a list of people and organizations you know who have sites and blogs. We will use this list when we get around to launching your backlink campaign. This is third in importance to content (#1) and social media properties (#2).

Facebook page

A Facebook page would also help quite a bit. I don’t like Facebook either, but it can no longer be ignored since it has surpassed Google in popularity. Although it does remain a touchy subject in some circles, and there are ongoing court battles, birth dates are usually considered to be public information. In any case, it’s unlikely any harm will come to you by creating a Facebook account then page. (This is merely my recommendation… do what you feel you need to do.)

SEO focus

As has always been the plan, this chunk of hours will consist of SEO-focused work (content, links, resources, etc.) rather than imagery. However, I will not leave any image slots empty – that just won’t fly for a professional website.

So, the items you listed (apart from the logo), are exactly what I have been working on and will soon present to you – most likely late this evening, if all goes well (as I expect it will). Logos and graphics in general have no bearing on SEO, which has been the goal from the start.

Web content

If you have written any additional content specific to the following, please let me know, as I will be using existing (or creating new) content to fill out these areas. NOTE: I am speaking of content separate from any blog content. (Google penalizes duplicate content, so you do not want to have the same text in several places.)

  • Lists of the best resources for people interested in sourcing/cost reduction (to be used on new website page Resources — listing excellent resources visitors — as well as other consultants — may be interested in)
  • Descriptions of specific services you offer (to be used on new website pages for Services web page)
  • Images

    Some of my time will be spent finding, editing, and implementing suitable images. If you have any images to contribute that will allow me to spend my time on more important facets of this work, please send them along.

    Should I lower my hourly rate for website services?

    New, lower hourly rate on temporary basis to attract new business
    I have decided to reduce my hourly rate to $25 an hour (down from $35/hr.). Then, once I succeed in getting new clients or work that fills up my time, I can start moving the hourly rate back up, gradually, closer to fair market value. What do you think?

    More soon – have a great day!
    Nashville SEO & Web Content services

    Free SEO consulting: Nashville, Tennessee

    daytime skyline - Nashville, Tennessee

    In an effort to conduct a bit of possibly unusual business networking for our small Nashville-area website services firm (Nashville SEO & Web Content), we are now offering a bit of free website consulting to anyone who asks, for a limited time, with only minimal caveats:

    1. Questions must be reasonable;
    2. I’ll spend up to 20 minutes per email with my carefully considered response, to the best of my ability; and
    3. This offer will be honored unless I am overloaded with requests (not likely).

    The friendly, professionally laid-back staff at Nashville SEO & Web Content offers the following web services at affordable rates:

    • Content-oriented, natural/organic SEO (search engine optimization)
    • Content creation: writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, etc.
    • Custom, relevant, search engine-friendly content
    • WordPress blogs
    • HTML tags, XHTML tags
    • Blogging, ghostblogging at predetermined intervals
    • Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, blog posts published at predetermined times
    • Affordable SMM (social media marketing)
    • Free PDF guides for established clients

    If you have a question or two about the following subjects, please feel free to submit your questions to Stephen – the Nashville SEO guy – at the email address beginning with the word hiking followed by the word nature at gmail, completed with a dot com. You may also submit your questions via comment; I’ll remove your questions from public view when I respond, unless you state beforehand that it’s OK to display the info.

    • Creating an affordable web presence
    • Considerations in deciding between a blog and a traditional website
    • CSS layouts vs. table layouts
    • WordPress and SEO
    • Getting started in social media
    • Relationship of social media to SEO efforts
    • Surpassing your competition in Google search results
    • Simple steps in starting a modest backlink campaign
    • Possible sources for relevant content
    • Ideas for additional custom content
    • Increasing your visibility on the web
    • Increasing your Google visibility
    • The “big” SEO secret

    Here are examples of a few questions we might be able to help you answer:

    • What is the best online SEO tool currently available? (The one I have in mind still has a free 30-day trial.)
    • Should we have a static website, or should we use something like WordPress or Joomla?
    • Which (x)HTML tags, attributes, etc. really matter for SEO purposes?
    • Is Google Analytics worth the trouble?
    • How much is too much to pay for a new website or blog?
    • How much is too much to pay for SMM (social media marketing)?
    • How much is too much to pay for graphic design/ web design?
    • What happened to custom web design services?
    • What are backlinks, and why should I have them?
    • What are some of the questions I should ask prospective web design firms, web development firms, SMM professionals, and SEO professionals before we hire them?

    Only a few subjects are beyond the scope of this free web consulting offer. They include:

    • Programming (web development)
    • Databases (web development)
    • Statistical analysis (SEO)

    Please submit your questions to the Nashville SEO guy at the email address beginning with the word hiking followed by the word nature at gmail, completed with a dot com – or via comment below.

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