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Learning where to go to login

It will soon become second nature for you to login to your WordPress site — even without using a “Log in” link to take you to the official WordPress login page; however, you definitely need to be familiar with the term “URL” (aka “URI”).

URL/URI: Web address

logo: WordPressIn case you did not already know this, the address line on your browser is the line near the top of your web browser which displays the address of the web page you are on. These internet addresses are also known as URLs or URIs, so whenever you see URL or URI it just means “web address” or “link”[1].

All one needs to do in order to login to his or her WordPress site is to append the URL with “/wp-admin”.

For example, let’s say your hosted domain is www.stiles.com. As a second assumption, let’s say your WordPress installation is not in the root directory, but rather, in a directory or folder called blog. (So far, we have www.stiles.com/blog .)

If stiles.com/blog already appears in the address line of your browser, then – if you want to login – simply type in /wp-admin ; this will force the browser to move from its current page to the wp-admin directory. (FYI, wp-admin is the name of the folder or directory in which the admin screens are located.) Even though you still have not designated the exact login page, WordPress knows that only administrators or other power users are allowed to see what’s in the wp-admin directory, so – as the lingo goes — the user is “challenged” with a login screen.

The other main way for a WordPress user to go to a login screen is to click on a link that’s already been set up to take the user to the WordPress login screen (or general admin area). As it so happens, many WordPress themes include this link by default. If you see a section of WordPress links called "META," then you’re likely to see a "Log in" link right under it. (If the user is already logged in, then the first link under META will be "Site Admin" instead of "Log in".)

[1] URL, URI

In computing, a uniform resource locator (URL) is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to an Internet resource. A URL is technically a type of uniform resource identifier (URI) but in many technical documents and verbal discussions URL is often used as a synonym for URI.

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