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Best PDF freeware

hiking at Fiery Gizzard near Monteagle, TN - fall 2008Steve D. – friend, client, and Nashville photographer specializing in sports photography (see Action Sports Photo) and nature photography (see Steven Dieringer Photography) – plans to create a colorful brochure to advertise his photography services, to be distributed to potential clients in person along with his business card.

A few years ago, Microsoft Publisher or similar programs might have been among the best choices for brochure creation – and perhaps it still is, depending on the specific features needed. If vector art was to grace the brochure, Adobe Illustrator would be a fine choice. But for a nice, clean, professional brochure requiring no fancy frills or artwork – just text and digital photography – the PDF format would be the obvious choice today.

Fortunately, there is plenty of PDF creation and/or conversion freeware from which to choose today.

Users of OpenOffice [ OpenOffice.org ] may not need PDF conversion utilities; all OpenOffice.org applications allow PDF export; supports also PDF/A-1a; since many import formats are supported (e.g., doc, docx, rtf, xls, ppt) conversion is also possible.

PrimoPDF by Nitro PDF Software

I am a big fan of PrimoPDF. I have been using PrimoPDF in my billing process for a few months now to automatically convert the invoices I create in Microsoft Excel to PDF format. It is so quick and easy, it blows my old method out of the water (I used to use an online tool to convert my MS Office files to PDFs). To convert an Excel (and many other) formatted file to a PDF, one merely drags the target file directly onto the PrimoPDF icon; seconds later, a nice PDF file is created in virtual printer fashion, with little to no wait.

As nicely as PrimoPDF performs its conversion-to-PDF function, that’s really about all PrimoPDF does. For those who need more functionality – features more like those of Adobe AcrobatNitroPDF offers its Acrobat alternative, Nitro Pro 7 (formerly Nitro PDF Professional?) – which can combine multiple files into a single PDF, convert PDFs back into Word and other formats for repurposing, create PDFs more quickly, as well as edit, view, form-fill, annotate, scan, and more.


WinPDF offers an easy way of creating high-quality PDF documents out of almost any windows application. The software installs a PDF writer named “Easy PDF Creator” as if it were a real printer, making the creation of PDF files as easy as printing. Common documents can be converted to PDF files at an incredibly fast speed while retaining the look and feel of the original documents as well as many options that give users flexibility in PDF creation.

WinPDF looks impressive and is 100% free; however, I have not been able to determine whether it is certified spyware-free, and if that isn’t an explicit feature, I suspect that means the software quite possibly includes a bit of spyware or other malware. I might be willing to test it if need be, but I would run something like Spybot Search and Destroy [ download Spybot Search and Destroy from CNET ] immediately afterwards just to be safe.

PDFCreator: Negative reviews concerning spyware

This evening I was about to download PDFCreator, the open source project at SourceForge.net, but I decided to read a few reviews first. Well, I am glad I did; there were quite a few recent complaints from former users that were fans of older versions of PDFCreator. Apparently there have been some negative changes, but this doesn’t mean anything since I have never used the application. However, another review got my attention, and it was supported by comments from others: apparently the installation process is NOT spyware-free.

I no longer download freeware from sources that don’t certify the software as being spyware free – which is why I remain a big fan of CNET software downloads.

Creating ebooks

I have an immediate need to create quality ebooks, some of which will be offered free to subscribers, with others for sale at reasonable prices. Perhaps I’ll first experiment with creating the entire ebook in Word, then using PrimoPDF for the final conversion. If this doesn’t work, I suppose I‘ll soon research and document the simplest, quickest, and least expensive methods of ebook creation.

Resources: Freeware for creating PDFs

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Originally written on Sunday, October 30, 2011
Major update, publishing on Sunday, November 20, 2011

Excel to PDF conversion: Freeware options

For years I’ve used Microsoft Excel to create invoices (which I then send to clients, as an email attachment, for website services performed); Excel use is widespread, so this has worked out pretty well. PrimoPDF logo - free Excel to PDF conversion However, PDF seems to be the preference, so I’m in the process of looking for a quick, simple, and free way to convert a small Excel spreadsheet to PDF (Portable Document Format) document.

Nitro logo - free Excel to PDF conversion

It seems PrimoPDF by Nitro PDF Software has won me over.

I downloaded and installed PrimoPDF, then all I had to do in order to convert my Excel spreadsheet to a PDF document was drag the file from Windows Explorer and drop it onto the PrimoPDF icon, and boom: instant, idiot-proof conversion of the Excel document to PDF format.

I don’t think it could possibly be any easier.

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PrimoPDF logo - free Excel to PDF conversion