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Resources will be gradually added and accumulated here as we run across them during our research, our web work, and so on. Eventually, these links will be categorized and described. The better resources will remain listed, while weaker or less applicable information will be removed.

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Affiliate programs, affiliate marketing

Premium WordPress themes – affliliate marketing



Granting admin rights to maintain Facebook pages

Facebook pages

Digital photography

Image editing, graphics

YouTube marketing


Joomla CMS (content management system)

Cheat sheets

Why SMM (Social Media Management)?

  • 5 Must-Do B2B Social Media Marketing StrategiesFluency Media
  • Selected HTML color codes: Use for titles, subtitles, etc.

    This is a simple resource any blogger can use to add a little color to text — esp. larger text like titles and subtitles. It’s easy, as long as your blogware allows you to edit in HTML view or mode. [ This section was converted to a post; continue reading ]

    HTML code snippets for WordPress blogging

    I’ve found it very useful to have a convenient stash of HTML/XHTML code snippets from which to copy and paste as needed while I’m writing blog content. These code snippets work just fine in WordPress; just make sure you’re in HTML mode and not Visual mode.