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Our latest SEO success

Another SEO client breaks into the Google top ten!

nashville seo firm partners with threeten seven design firm

Nashville Web Content & SEO is proud to announce an ongoing partnership with Three TEN Seven Design, LLC (a.k.a. TTS), which now has two locations: Hilton Head, South Carolina and now Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Stephen Frasier’s small firm, Nashville Web Content & SEO (NWCSEO), represents the latest addition to the TTS website services team and will now be providing content-oriented search engine optimization, copy writing, content editing, and related web services to Three TEN Seven and their array of clients.

nashville seo client - Google top ten success

Nancy Dietze, the owner of Virtually Yours Assistant Services and TTS client, serves her community as a top-notch executive assistant contractor. Nancy — a former Hilton Head Island real estate guru herself — specializes in providing executive assistant services to area real estate professionals, who are more than happy to farm out their repetitive administrative tasks to Virtually Yours.

The latest round of updates and modifications to the Virtually Yours (VY) website included a basic SEO package and was the first job taken on by the new TTS + NWCSEO team. Prior to the engagement, VY did not have any pages from its website listed in the top 50 Google search results for the terms Hilton Head virtual assistant. A few days after the SEO work concluded, a follow-up review showed at least two (2) web pages from the new and improved Virtually Yours website subsequently ranked in Google’s top ten for the given search terms. The freshly Google-top-ten-ranked pages on Nancy’s website include the new Resources page and the Testimonials page.

Chalk up another SEO success for the team – and more importantly, another happy client!

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Google search for “Hilton Head virtual assistant”
Virtually Yours Assistant Services (Hilton Head, SC)

Examples: Excellent Google SEO results for our clients

Last week, we needed to provide concrete examples of our SEO skills and experience to new client. We conducted the following searches relating to services offered by a few of our longtime clients to see where their web sites ranked on Google. (The site link is followed by the key words we Googled and how the site ranked.) Like our clients, we are quite pleased with the results.

Specific examples of SEO success via Google

Website (keywords) #GoogleRank (Nashville hiking) #2 (Nashville landscaping) #3 (Brentwood landscaping) #1 (Nashville remodeling) #1 (Nashville residential renovation) #1 (Nashville web development) #2 (Nashville web services) #4 web content) #2 (Nashville nature photography) #1 (Nashville sports photography) #2

We would very much appreciate the chance to help your organization. With eleven (11) years of experience in general web design and development with a focus on creative, search engine-friendly writing, copywriting, blogging, etc., we can help you get noticed on the web – through web sites, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Web content, web marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization) are our bread and butter.

We truly enjoy the challenge of tweaking web sites and blogs to help them rank at (or near) the top of Google searches! If you know of any individuals, organizations, etc. that might need affordable web design, web development, search engine optimization, or any kind of writing services, we would really appreciate it if you would pass along our contact info.

Nashville website meeting, SEO success

I just concluded a successful meeting with (client), the leading high-end residential remodeling firm in Nashville. All were excited about the numerous #1 Google rankings (their site ranks #1 for various search terms similar to and including “Nashville remodeling”), and the volume of new business they are getting from the website has never been higher.

A new phase of website development is about to commence. It will involve not only improving the current site, but beginning construction on a new & improved, far more powerful website which will probably be based on the WordPress engine. This will allow easy updating via simple-to-use screens, among other things.

I just ran across an article I thought you might find interesting; it’s entitled The Single Most Powerful Marketing Method, which turns out to be the creation of a free online marketing course (on one’s subject of expertise) – an evolution of the educational video ideas we have been playing around with.

I will soon publish a post that answers your most recent questions with regard to creating small videos.

Creating online videos and movies is among the suggestions I received from the successful local writer earlier this year; therefore, learning much more about it has become a higher priority.

As it turns out, a surprisingly large percentage of her advice on making a living through writing applies equally to our web services business; therefore, this will make the learning curve more enjoyable, more relevant and applicable to our own situation, and therefore much more pragmatic and productive overall. The same skills apply to a wide range of web projects, actually.

NOTE: These comments were taken from an email.