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Using Evernote in 2012

Evernote logoNow that I (finally) moved on up to a smartphone, I have a legitimate and practical reason to experiment with the increasingly popular Evernote; I installed the Evernote desktop client for Windows. Rather than diving in blind, I decided to educate myself on some of the popular and creative uses for Evernote (see Resources: Best ways to use Evernote below).

I’m impressed with the Evernote feature that allows users to simply drag an image directly into the note – not only from your own computer or device, but from the web. It could not be any easier! I’m so accustomed to grabbing web imagery via the context menu, but even that simple task remains unknown to many users. Now there’s an easier way.

Resources: Best ways to use Evernote

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Samsung Galaxy S II: Getting to know my new smartphone

While I really do dig my new phone, I know so little about how to use it that I feel rather lost. Sometimes it’s easier and more desirable to set the phone down and do something else entirely, as opposed to pushing through this learning curve as I know I must.

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit just how steep of a learning curve my graduation to a smartphone actually is. I practically made a game out of how long I could resist upgrading. Until just the other day, I was still using an old-school numeric keypad and had no data access via phone.

Now, suddenly, I find myself with a fancy new Samsung Galaxy S 2, which was recommended by a friend in the wireless industry – and having no idea how to install a free app.

Secret: Just learning how to unlock the damn thing was a virtual chore!

The current operating system for Android devices is Android 4.0 – aka Ice Cream Sandwich.

What’s new about Andoid 4.0

However, according to the Wikipedia chart of Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy S II comes with Android version 2.3.3 (Ginger-bread) with TouchWiz UI 4.0

Android terminology

APK file extension; .apk files
Developers often do beta testing, which is where they distribute a pre-release version of their app so they can have people test it before it’s uploaded to the Android Market. They often distribute these Android apps as .apk files

action bar
displayed at the top (sometimes also at the bottom) of all apps

recent apps button

A method of typing text into the messaging content area without lifting your finger from the screen’s surface

system bar

using a smartphone as Wi-Fi hotspot

voice input engine

Quick-reference How-To

Silent mode, instant
All users of handheld devices need to know the fastest way possible to activate silent mode.

Press power + volume down (v4 – Ice Cream Sandwich)

Voice recognition
To use voice recognition instead of inputting text the usual way (typing in the text with your fingers), just tap the microphone icon at the bottom of the keypad. This fires up the voice recognition engine, so notifying you onscreen; it will remain on until it detects a pause of a couple of seconds.

I was amazed at how well Android’s voice recognition engine actually works!

Punch list, per Tristan
Install app brain

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Smartphone basics

A smartphone is basically a mobile or cell phone offering more advanced computing ability and connectivity than traditional mobile phones. Smartphones and feature phones, as opposed to “dumb” cell phones, may be thought of as handheld computers integrated with mobile telephones, but while most feature phones are able to run applications based on platforms such as Java ME, a smartphone runs a complete operating system – thus providing a platform for third party application developers who create apps.

A smart phone combines the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone, including most or all of the “normal” or standard modern phone features like a camera, microphone/digital recorder, GPS, etc.

If you have a mobile phone that’s not a smartphone, do you know what to call it? Even though I am in technology industry I did not know until very recently that basic, non-smart cell phones are called feature phones.

The big names in smartphone operating systems today (mid-2011) are Google Android and iPhone (perhaps the top contenders), Windows Phone, Blackberry,

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