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File compression, zip utility freeware

creepy Telenoid torso robots from JapanUntil recently, I would not have cared much about whether my freeware could run on systems other than Windows. However, as a green Linux Ubuntu fan and promoter, I choose 7-Zip portable as the number-one file compression and archival utility due to its rave reviews, active support, and its ability to run on Windows and Linux!

According to CNET:

For years, 7-Zip has been one of our favorite Windows utilities. We recently looked at 7-Zip Portable, a fully portable version of the freeware file zipper. Like the installed version, it can compress and decompress files and folders in a variety of ways as well as open other file types such as TAR and RAR files. The portable version is small enough to take along with you on a USB drive, iPod, or other portable device. The chief difference with the installed version is the portable version can’t be integrated into context menus in Windows. (Source: 7-Zip: Portable versionCNET Downloads)

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Freemake: Simple, useful freeware

Freemake freeware advert artAs a freeware developer, Freemake is fantastic… in addition to the excellence and simplicity of the software, Freemake’s freeware is freeware in the truest sense of the word; there are absolutely no feature limitations, or time restrictions, hidden costs, etc.

Freemake has a variety of potentially useful freeware — all listed on the Downloads page. Freemake’s offerings do not fall into the lame category known to some as lessware.

Freemake Video Converter
Freemake Video Converter logoConvert video free to AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG, 3GP, DVD, MP3, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Android, rip & burn DVDs, convert to Flash FLV & SWF video formats, burn Blu-ray discs, and upload video files to YouTube, and more with Freemake’s excellent & free video converter.

Like Freemake’s other fantastic freeware, Freemake Video Converter is designed without any limitations to be truly free; you’ll not run into those annoying hidden costs that tend to pop up with some freeware titles.

Freemake Video Downloader
Freemake Video Downloader logoFreemake Video Downloader (FVD) allows you to download videos from thousands websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Veoh, Dailymotion, and 10,000+ other sites that feature streaming video (which are usually FLV files). Furthermore, you can extract audio MP3s from YouTube videos, for instance — allowing virtually unlimited free additions to your digital music collection! FVD can also convert virtually any online video to whatever popular format you need, including AVI, MKV, MP3, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Android, etc.

Freemake Video Downloader logo

Ellora Assets Corporation, a developer of award-winning freeware, releases Freemake Music Box 0.9, a free music application to find and manage free online music on user’s computer. Freemake Music Box requires no account registration, subscription and is available to international users without country restrictions.

Freemake Music Box provides a fast way to find and stream legally posted online music to user’s computer. The free tool delivers music search results sorted by artist, album or specific songs. Due to integrated powerful search algorithm Freemake Music Box can find a certain song using a broad word combination a user puts into a program search bar.

The application allows users to organize found music into playlists which can be edited, removed or renamed. For more convenience Freemake Music Box automatically saves playlists in the program intact so next time a user starts the program, he will find all his built playlists in the same order.

Together with search functionality, Freemake Music Box 0.9 gives control over found music and features an inbuilt music player which rewinds, loops, stops or skips selected tracks. If available, Freemake Music Box displays music clips in a separate window which can be set as hidden upon user’s choice. (Source: Meet Freemake.com: A New Freeware Developer – 24-7 Press Release)

Freemake Music Box
Search for free online music. Listen to millions of online songs. Organize your music collection in a simplest way. In one place, absolutely free, no region restriction.

Overall, the reviews of Freemake Music Box are about average — probably because the utility does little more than search YouTube for music; however, it also allows some organization and housekeeping of downloaded music files.

Freemake Music Box artwork

Probably the best aspect of Freemake Music Box is the box, as in black box, aspect. There are no ads or other distracting and influencing distractions to steer you in one direction or another. Type in a search phrase and as long as it’s not a flat-out well-known artist or song name, you’ll find some unusual stuff. If you’ve a bent towards the eclectic, it’s a nice way to satisfy your lean. It’s also a good way to find that song that you may only have a partial name for. (Source: Editorial Review of Freemake Music Box – PC World)

From CNET:

Freemake Music Box is a new music app that gives you free access to millions of songs online. Regardless of your location, you can search, play and organize online music free and easily. The powerful search tool will bring you a song you want to enjoy, you can smoothly filter search results by track title, album or artist. Once found, you may add your favorite songs to a playlist and Freemake Music Box will automatically save it for further playback. Listen to your favorite music straight from the Music Box with the inbuilt music player. Play, pause, stop, loop or forward audio tracks. With Freemake Music Box, you don’t have to think where and how to get free online music. Enjoy your favorite music without limits, listen all you want and wherever you are. (Source: Freemake Music Box – CNET)

Favorite video freeware utilities

At this point, my favorite video freeware includes:

Resources: Freemake: Simple, useful freeware

Reviews: Freemake Music Box

The reviews of Freemake Music Box are average, mainly because the utility does little more than search YouTube for music; however, it also allows some organization and housekeeping of downloaded music files.

Windows check disk utility: Let it run!

When Windows automatically starts its disk checking utility, do not bypass it – let that mother run!

As I worked on an important new internet marketing proposal this morning, my desktop PC crashed hard: another dreaded BSOD, the first one in a while.

My finicky desktop is infamous for its occasional bouts of crashing; it’s something I have had to live with for a while now, until such time as I am able to purchase a new model. Normally after these crashes occur, the computer soon operates normally again – sometimes after a check disk, sometimes not.

But this time it was different.

When Windows rebooted this time, neither the Microsoft Excel nor Microsoft Word applications would start. This is a major problem, as I maintain numerous critical documents in both programs.

This situation has served to teach me at least one lesson: when Windows automatically starts the disk check utility, do not bypass it – let it run!

For now I am using Google Docs; it’s excellent. I have also just downloaded the latest stable Windows installation package of Open Office.

Windows XP backup freeware

Here are some of the free Windows backup software applications I briefly read about on CNET:

  • Cobian Backup
  • SyncBack Freeware
  • Free ISO Creator
  • Macrium Reflect Free Edition
  • EASEUS Todo Backup Free

On a similar note: Recuva, Windows file recovery freeware

While looking around for backup freeware, I ran across Recuva, which was categorized as backup software even though what it really does is recover deleted files from Windows systems. The review was pretty good, so if I ever need any kind of file recovery utility I’ll give this one a try.

Resources: Windows XP backup freeware

article started on Friday, June 17, 2011