Why Nashville SEO & Web Content?

Why partner with Nashville SEO & Web Content? Our mission is clear and simple: to organically and naturally achieve top placements for our clients on Google and other major search engines by means of relevant, high quality content.

We achieve this by producing clean, professional, easy to navigate, fast-loading, search engine-optimized websites running on award-winning blogware/siteware and hosted on fast, reliable web servers. By keeping website graphics to a minimum, writing search engine-friendly code, and employing other Google-friendly design, development, and marketing methods, we ensure that we create and maintain websites that have excellent chances of moving into high positions on Google, the reigning search engine – as well as Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines when desired.

Perhaps you are looking for a Flash website. Nashville SEO uses Flash sparingly, if at all; search engines have problems indexing Flash-based websites. Generally speaking, unless you are in the entertainment industry, Flash sites are an unnecessary expense and a serious drag on a site’s potential. You may have noticed that when you search for almost any service or product, the simpler, cleaner, fast-loading sites usually achieve the most desirable search engine rankings. This is no coincidence.

User friendly website design

While every effort is made to produce a search engine-friendly website, at Nashville SEO & Web Content, we believe that the user should always come first.

Considerations we make for all clients and users dictate that our websites:

  • Load quickly. All images should be compressed and optimised for minimum download times without compromising too much quality.
  • Use standard, easy-to-read fonts. It’s possible that not every browser supports your favorite font or that not every user will have the font installed.
  • Utilize friendly, simple navigation. Your user should be able to get to virtually any page on the website within two to three clicks at the most.
  • Maintain a consistent design throughout. Keep your user in familiar surroundings. Amazon style designs tend to work best.
  • Focus on content, not flashy graphics. Remember, your user is looking at the website to find out about the products and services you offer, not to watch your logo dance around the screen.
  • Break up content into short, easy-to-read paragraphs. Draw the user to important areas by use of large, bold fonts or bullets.
  • Make contact details easy to find. There’s almost nothing more frustrating for a user than not being able to quickly locate an e-mail address or contact page.

These are just a few of the basics. There are many more considerations to make when producing a user friendly website.

To sum up:

As a small company, our services are aimed primarily at small- to medium-sized organizations. Nashville SEO & Web Content always strives to give clients and partners exceptional value for their hard-earned money, a great return on their investment, and friendly, personalized service.

Email stephen (at) bestwebnashville (dot) com, or leave a message at 615.668.1580.