List of horror movies

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NOTE: For now, these lists of horror movies (linked by the letters above) include all the horror movies in my horror movie database. I haven’t yet filtered out the lame ones.

I decided to add these lists of horror movies in an attempt to make this blog about supernatural horror movies more relevant, more current, and especially more helpful to other big fans of supernatural horror movies who are looking for movies in this genre they may not have seen, or even heard of.

This section of my Supernatural Horror site, or what evolves from this collection of horror movie lists, will essentially list the supernatural horror movies that I believe might be enjoyed by other genre fans. Instead of opining on about 40 movies (about the number of posts on this blog as I write this in June 2011), or only one or two movies per week or month, I will be able to convey my brief opinion on a large number of horror movies.

I used to keep a detailed spreadsheet database or listing of horror movies; I stopped updating it a while back because it took so much time. This list contains up to three fields on each line: the title of the movie, the year, and the Amazon rating (the overall movie quality on a scale of 0 to 5, according to ). Years enclosed within parentheses are part of the title field; I started adding the year to the title on a regular basis. That is, a typical line might contain: Horror movie title / Year / Amazon rating.

These days I use IMDb as a primary source for movie ratings.

I shall figure out a good way to present the information from my horror movie lists on this blog so readers can see how I ranked these horror movies.

For starters, here is a list of horror movies beginning with the letter A.

Thanks for visiting, and please check back soon… as of June 2016, I am revamping this site — beginning with the most popular content, the A-Z list of horror movies.