Telenoid R1 robots: Creepy as hell!

creepy Telenoid torso robots from Japan

As an enthusiastic (yes, and often obsessive) fan of supernatural horror movies (the creepier, the better), I’m surely host to at least some brain rot. That suspicion was again confirmed last night when I discovered – quite by accident – the Telenoid R1 minimalist robot out of Japan.

My immediate response upon seeing a photo of this new Japanese robot was, “That thing is creepy as hell; not only would I not want it in my house – I don’t think I could even be alone with it.” A normal person would probably not experience such paranoia, especially when it concerns a legless robot.

Oh, well – the Telenoid R1 still isn’t as scary as a mannequin or a dressmaker’s dummy. (I told you about the brain rot.)

June 2016 update: Since the writing of this post, I’ve seen many robots wayyyy creepier than the Telenoid R1 robots. Maybe I’d had a couple of vodka tonics? It’s anyone’s guess…

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Monday, March 21, 2011