Insidious, 2011 supernatural horror movie

insidious - 2011 supernatural horror movieA couple of weeks ago I was scanning Project Free TV for good horror flicks I’d never seen and soon found the 2011 supernatural horror movie Insidious. Given the mostly positive reviews and the potentially creepy supernatural subject matter of Insidious, I was rather surprised I hadn’t heard of it before, even though I don’t track the big screen like I used to due to budgetary constraints. Here’s the lowdown on Insidious, hopefully sufficient to help you decide if it’s a horror movie for you.

insidious - 2011 supernatural horror movieCountry: U.S. – April 2011
Director: James Wan
Horror themes: Haunting, intruders, coma, astral projection, paranormal investigation
Verdict: 65/100… A good horror film
Official trailer: Insidious movie trailer at IMDb

Brief synopsis of Insidious
A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.

insidious - 2011 supernatural horror movieSynopsis of Insidious
Renai and Josh Lambert (Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson) and their three kids just moved into a new house. As son Dalton is playing, he has a scare in the attic; when he cannot be awoken the next morning, he is rushed to the hospital where they learn Dalton is in an unexplained coma. Three months later and still in a coma, they bring Dalton home to care for him there. Escalating paranormal events occur and they end up moving to a new house – but this proves fruitless, as increasingly violent and supernatural events occur again. Josh’s mother (Barbara Hershey) contacts a friend of hers, Elise Reiner (Lin Shaye), a paranormal investigator. But can she discover the root problem and restore normalcy to the Lambert family?

insidious - 2011 supernatural horror movieMy thoughts about Insidious
I watched Insidious a couple of days ago and I thought it was significantly better than the average horror movie. The cast performed superbly.

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