Supernatural horror: Notes for later

This is where I’ll document miscellaneous notes and other material that doesn’t really fit the other pages on this supernatural horror blog. For example, I may jot down ideas and thoughts regarding this blog that come to mind while I am working on it.

Correcting an issue with the WordPress theme Twenty Eleven

For some reason I did not think carefully about this before, but to my disappointment I realized that the default layout for standard posts on this blog (which uses the WordPress theme Twenty Eleven) does not include the sidebar! That means that all visitors who did not view the Home page did not even see the links to other posts, the categories, the list of most popular posts, most recent posts, and so on – LAME. I finally realized that I needed to edit each page to use the sidebar layout instead of the default layout. So, this evening I am going back through every post and every page to make that change.

The visitors’ ability to see what else is available on this blog is paramount to its success – especially since the lion’s share of visitors find this Supernatural Horror blog via Google searches for specific horror movies, and therefore end up on the post that discusses the horror movie the visitor searched for. That means that, until today, most visitors could not even see the critical sidebar showing what else is available here.

These changes are being made on Halloween weekend 2011.

I predict this change will cause an increase in page views to this blog. We shall see!

Standards for horror movie reviews

A quick review of the Supernatural Horror blog by a reasonably intelligent individual will reveal the lack of consistent standards when it comes to horror movie reviews and other articles about horror films. For example, some posts clearly show the country, director, horror themes, and other data about the horror film being covered – while other posts lack this information completely. In the future, the blogger(s) will do a better job of adhering to the standards that make this horror blog unique.

Standards for horror movie reviews
Reviews of horror films should include the following:

  1. Country
  2. Director
  3. Official movie trailer (YouTube)
  4. Horror themes
  5. Verdict
  6. Plot summary
  7. Stills from the movie
  8. Resources. At a minimum, the relevant links to IMDb, Wikipedia, and Rotten Tomatoes should be listed
  9. Amazon affiliate links
  10. Proper tags

Other information to consider
Producer, production companies involved

Verdict, rating standards
I like to use a scale of 1 to 100 – or is that too detailed, when scales such as the five-star and 1-10 rankings are probably more fitting? Whatever you choose, make it consistent.

Verdict listing
Modern classic

Descriptive terms
Creepy – use sparingly

Descriptive tags
Every post should contain multiple descriptive tags – enough tags to give the reader a feel for what’s in the movie.

Year of release
Horror themes
Types of protagonists, antagonists

Disagreeing with the critics re: supernatural horror movies

There are a number of supernatural horror movies that I believe have unfairly received average or below average ratings and reviews from critics and viewers alike. Well, fairness isn’t the issue here – the simple fact is that I disagree with the critical consensus when it comes to certain horror films.

Here are a few examples of horror movies I think readers should give a go in spite of lackluster reviews.

An American Haunting, 2005 retelling of Tennessee’s Bell Witch legend – unlike the critics, who gave this film poor ratings, the supernatural events characterized here are exactly the kind that would freak me out

The Reeds – 2009 U.K. horror
30 Days of Night: Dark Days – 2010 sequel to modern vampire classic 30 Days of Night

A to Z lists of horror movies
So far, I have only listed the horror movies from A to E. List the rest of them, or remove the lists since they only go through 2009. I might update the lists… not sure – probably too time-consuming. There are already other, better lists of horror movies on the web.

Horror images
Add horror movie stills with suitable filenames and a watermark showing name and link to this blog.

Notable names in supernatural horror

There are a few directors, producers, and other names associated with the world of supernatural horror entertainment that are especially notable to this horror blogger. That is, the style and other characteristics of their works are likely to be particularly appreciated by this horror fan.

To put it another way, I guarantee you I will eventually experience any horror movies that come out that happened to be directed or produced by these notable names in supernatural horror. Sam Raimi is a fine example; apparently, Mr. Raimi and I find similar horror themes to be personally frightening. The first evidence of this was The Evil Dead, which – although somewhat campy – was also quite scary; ditto most of the other supernatural horror movies Sam Raimi has directed or produced.

  • Sam Raimi – IMDb, Wikipedia – Evidence: The Evil Dead, Drag Me to Hell (IMDb – 69, Wikipedia, Rotten Tomatoes – 92/61), The Grudge, 30 Days of Night, Boogeyman
  • Red Sands, Dead Birds
  • The Orphanage

Links for later

Attracting readers to this blog

I decided to put in a little more effort to draw more visitors to this supernatural horror blog. In the last 24 hours I have made a few improvements, added some pages, installed several WordPress plugins, including XML Sitemaps and SEO Ultimate. It will be interesting to see if there is a noticeable difference in traffic here.