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This is where I’ll gradually build up a respectable list of supernatural horror resources. Although supernatural horror and psychological horror are the themes of this blog, most of the resources listed here probably cover horror entertainment in general – not just the horror sub-genres we strongly prefer.

As you have no doubt noticed, this horror blog is not a slick, professional endeavor; it’s really a labor of love – more of a brain dump and an outlet for my compulsive obsession for writing, documenting, and making lists relating to subjects of personal interest and enjoyment. Even so, I do hope other supernatural horror fans manage to locate this blog (probably most often via Google and other search engines) and get something out of it.

Please leave comments; all are welcome!

Perhaps most of all, I hope this blog leads the reader to at least one truly frightening horror films not yet seen – or perhaps even heard of.

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  • Horror News Excerpt: – is a popular horror genre site marketed to all aspects of the Horror industry. While horror is our #1 focus, we also feature extensive material on the Paranormal, Asian Horror, Cult Films, Fantasy and Extreme Action. is comprised of over 40 writers who contribute various aspects to the site… features daily news, film announcements, film and book reviews, interviews, live podcast shows and a collective of original exclusive articles covering all aspects of the horror industry.
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