Resident Evil: Apocalypse, 2004 horror movie


2002’s popular video-game-derived hit Resident Evil didn’t inspire confidence in a sequel, but Resident Evil: Apocalypse defies odds and surpasses expectations. It’s a bigger, better, action-packed zombie thriller, and this time Milla Jovovich (as the first film’s no-nonsense heroine) is joined by more characters from the popular Capcom video games, including Jill Valentine (played by British hottie Sienna Guillory) and Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr, from 1999’s The Mummy). They’re armed and ready for a high-caliber encounter with devil dogs, mutant “Lickers,” lurching zombies, and the leather-clad monster known only as Nemesis, unleashed by the nefarious Umbrella Corporation responsible for creating the cannibalistic undead horde. Having gained valuable experience as a respected second-unit director on high-profile films like Gladiator and The Bourne Identity, director Alexander Witt elevates this junky material to the level of slick, schlocky entertainment. – Jeff Shannon

Ghost Game, 2004 horror movie

horror movie - ghost games - canada, 2004Director: Joe Knee
Verdict: Lame

Ghost Game is not to be confused with a different horror movie by the same name out of Thailand. Surely the Thai movie is better. This movie was directed by Joe Knee out of Canada.

Product Description, Self-Promotion: Plot of Ghost Game

horror movie - ghost games - canada, 2004At a weekend retreat in the mountains, three young couples discover much more than they bargained for when they stumble upon a mysterious game in the cellar… a Ghost Game. Once the ancient box is opened, the restless spirits of three murdered witches are released, and all hell breaks loose. After two brutal slayings, the survivors must discover the game’s hidden secrets before the bloodthirsty fiends claim their lives. Filled with suspense and shocks, this atmospheric shocker will make you think twice next time you throw the dice!

In this low-budget horror film a group of young people travel to a remote cabin and, to relieve their boredom, begin to play a haunted board game that summons the spirits of three girls who died in a pagan ritual.

Watching Ghost Game

Ghost Game failed to hook my attention the first couple of times I tried to watch it, but that isn’t always the fault of the movie. (ADHD – can anyone else out there relate?) The third time I actually watched Ghost Game all the way through. I was moderately entertained for the first third of the movie. For a low-budget horror flick, there were not too many “this is ridiculously stupid” moments for me as a viewer. Not at first, anyway. The second third of the movie, I was still on board and hopeful.horror movie - ghost games - canada, 2004

The precise point at which I realized there was literally no chance for Ghost Game to redeem itself was when the three ghost witches began to fight amongst themselves. Five minutes after that, the credits were rolling.

At one point, the dwindling group is collecting items for the supernatural scavenger hunt they are being forced to play, and they are looking for fire in particular. Walking through the dark woods with a lantern, they approach a burning wooden cross. Yet at no time did either mention how odd it is to find something burning on a deserted island. However, given my overall reaction to Ghost Game, this criticism was a waste of typing and I shan’t comment further!

(Well, I must really be in a writing mood…)

Thoughts about Ghost Game

I feel confident in saying that if you are determined to see Ghost Game, you’ll get more chills and thrills from the 2006 Thai movie of the same name than you will from this one.

For a couple of reasons, I expected very little out of this movie. Most of the movie was actually better than I’d hoped, but I still agree with Alien Redrum, a movie reviewer at Horror Talk, when he says Ghost Game is worth a weeknight rental at the very most. Until I had seen the movie in its entirety, I was going to bump that up to weekend rental if, but only if you are a dyed-in-da-wool horror movie fan; however, I am not inclined to recommend this movie to anyone. And I don’t like to say that unless I have to.

It was a challenge to locate any reviews of this movie online; virtually every review of a horror movie called Ghost Game on the web refers to the Thai movie of the same name.

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Writers: James Henney (story), David W. Keffer (story) (as David Keffer)
Stars: Alexandra Barreto, Shelby Fenner, Curt Cornelius