30 Days of Night, 2007 vampire horror film

Before you read this, I’ll submit my honest opinion: 30 Days of Night is among the best vampire horror films of all time. Yes, I was scared shitless reading Stephen King‘s classic vampire tale Salem’s Lot first, and then watching the Salem’s Lot film (miniseries) when it first aired in 1979… but these are jaded times. It takes far more to scare us these days.

And you won’t see any coverage of half-assed non-horror efforts like Twilight here despite my affection for the lovely Kristen Stewart.

30 Days of Night is a thusly fabulous vampire story which does the trick!

30 Days of Night (2007) trailer

30 Days of Night is the story of Barrow, Alaska: a small, extremely isolated Alaskan town that is plunged into darkness for a full thirty days during the height of every winter due to its northern location. As the last rays of sunlight fade, the town of Barrow is beset by a large, bloodthirsty gang of vampires determined to destroy the town and everyone in it, without leaving so muich as a trace of their existence. Only the on-the-rocks-lover team of Eben and Stella Olesen stand between the survivors and certain destruction.

Director: David Slade
Writer: Steve Niles
Starring: Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston, Ben Foster, Mark Boone Junior…[ full cast on IMDb ]

Hard Candy director David Slade took the helm for this adaptation of Steve Niles‘ terrifying comic book series. In Barrow, Alaska, Alaska, one night can last an eternity. For one full month each and every year, the town of Barrow is plunged into total darkness for thirty days due to its location far north of the Arctic Circle. While the locals have become accustomed to the extended periods of darkness, this time something more sinister is about to emerge from the seeminlgy unending, unforgiving night. As a massive & determined horde of vampires takes control of the small town and begins feasting upon and annihilating the citizenry, local sheriff (Josh Hartnett), his partly estranged wife (Melissa George), and a small but clever band of townfolk will be forced to choose between saving themselves and helping the few remaining members of their tiny but tight-knit community survive the bloody vampire siege.

Original comic creator Steve Niles collaborated with screenwriters Stuart Beattie and Brian Nelson to pen the film, which was produced under Sam Raimi‘s Ghost House Pictures banner.
~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

30 Days of Night is based on a comic series.

Prequel: 30 Days of Night: Blood Trail
Sequel: 30 Days of Night: Dark Days

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30 Days of Night – Now Playing (Trailer) – YouTube

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30 Days of Night: Vampire attack – YouTube (4:00)

30 Days of Night: Scene #2 – Extended ‘No God’ scene

30 Days of Night (2007): (There is) No God – YouTube

Sequel: 30 Days of Night: Dark Days
30 Days of Night: Dark Days Trailer – YouTube

The Ferryman, 2007 supernatural horror movie

horror movie - the ferryman, 2007 - new zealandCountry: New Zealand
Directed by: Chris Graham
Starring: John Rhys-Davies (best known for the Lord of the Rings trilogy), Kerry Fox (best known from A Shallow Grave (IMDb rating: 73), Sally Stockwell
SH Verdict: 65/100… A decent horror film about body switching and the quest for immortality
Briefly: A group of twenty-somethings charter a boat to Fiji for the trip of a lifetime; however, they quickly stumble upon an evil that demands vengeance at any cost

The Ferryman, 2007 horror film on AmazonThe Ferryman, 2007 horror film on Amazon

DVD cover:
A life vest won’t save your soul.
No one rides for free.
Out on a dead calm ocean, in a thick fog, a group of tourists on a pleasure craft are about to cross paths with an ancient and terrible evil. Sharing the same ocean, a sick, dying old Greek man drifts alone on a stricken yacht. The Greek has been cheating death for countless years, trading broken bodies for new ones using a secret, deadly weapon. But now is the time of reckoning. The Ferryman, the ancient conveyor of death, is close — and he wants the Greek. There is a payment to be made.

The Ferryman (2007) Movie clip 7/9: Switching

Plot summary of The Ferryman

horror movie - the ferryman, 2007 - new zealandA voyage from New Zealand to Fiji aboard a large sailboat seems to be a perfect holiday until a mysterious mist appears on the second day and a distress call is picked up on the radio. Going to the aid of the ship in trouble the yacht comes across a drifting fishing boat, and find one lone survivor. When this man is taken aboard the yacht strange events begin to happen and people start acting as if they were not themselves.

The Ferryman, 2007 horror film on AmazonThe Ferryman, 2007 horror film on Amazon

Horror movie reviews: The Ferryman, 2007 horror film

horror movie - the ferryman, 2007 - new zealand

The Ferryman, 2007 horror film on AmazonThe Ferryman, 2007 horror film on Amazon

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The Ferryman, 2007 horror film on AmazonThe Ferryman, 2007 horror film on Amazon

Credits: The Ferryman

Starring: Kerry Fox, Sally Stockwell, Amber Sainsbury, John Rhys-Davies, Tamer Hassan, Craig Hall, Julian Arahanga
Director: Christopher Graham
Screenwriter: Nick Ward

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The Killing Floor, 2007 thriller

Country: U.S.
Directed by: Gideon Raff
Horror themes: Murder, blood, dismemberment, stalking

The Killing Floor: Horror or thriller?

Thriller. Honestly, I would not discuss this film in a supernatural horror blog today; I must have gotten carried away.

This piece was apparently marketed as a horror film, so I just want to make things clear at the start that what we’re dealing with here is a thriller; some would say a mystery thriller, and some would say a Hitchcockian thriller. They’re both right, but a pure horror it is not. However, don’t let that put you off, because The Killing Floor actually has a few interesting scenes in store for the willing viewer. (Source: Evil Dread Review of The Killing Floor)

Plot summary: The Killing Floor (2007)

Fiction becomes fact as the agent of a horror novelist moves into a new apartment where spooky events besiege him in The Killing Floor. Marc Blucas stars as the agent who receives videotapes of himself in the mail, fears someone is watching him, and ultimately falls apart as his paranoia gets the better of him. (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

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