The House That Dripped Blood, 1971 horror anthology

movie poster - The House that Dripped Blood, 1971 horror anthology

Country: U.K.
Horror themes: vampires, witchcraft, voodoo, waxworks, story comes to life
Director: Peter Duffell (distributed by Amicus Productions, which produced quite a bit of horror in the 1960s and 1970s; often confused with Hammer Film Productions, another major U.K. horror producer)

The House That Dripped Blood is a classic 1971 four-part horror anthology in which a Scotland Yard investigator looks into four mysterious cases all occurring within a currently unoccupied house.

1) Method for Murder: The protagonist in the story of a writer crosses over into reality
2) Waxworks: Two men are obsessed with a wax figure of a woman from their past (Peter Cushing)
3) Sweets to the Sweet: A little girl displays an interest in witchcraft (the father is played by Christopher Lee)
4) The Cloak: A horror film actor discovers a cape which gives him the power of a vampire

The House That Dripped Blood is a solid example of early 1970s horror; I enthusiastically recommend it for fans of the era.

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movie still - The House that Dripped Blood, 1971 horror anthology

Ghost Stories – Fox Family Channel

large cover of horror television series DVD - Ghost Stories - Fox Family Channel -1997-98

Fox Family Channel – Television series
Aired in 1997-1998; DVD sets available starting in 2005
Watched May 2009

NOTE: This is an example of an entry for which I’m more concerned about tags than commentary. For a while, my main intent for this blog was to create sort of a database of supernatural horror movies to allow readers to find obscure supernatural horror films based on tags describing aspects or content of the film. For example, this entry would have the tags ghost stories, anthology, television, series, etc.

cover, small - horror television series - Ghost Stories - Fox Family Channel -1997-98

Honestly, it’s turning out not to be all that great of an idea. This is not exactly the right format or platform for what I wanted to deliver at that time, so it’s likely most future entries will contain more commentary and content as opposed to merely being listed or added.

Thanks for checking it out; I really do appreciate it.

Stephen, fellow supernatural horror fan

Resources – Ghost Stories (Fox Family Channel television series)

The Ghost Stories series that initially aired on the Fox Family Channel in 1997 and 1998 should not be confused with the 1972 television series, Circle of Fear (aka Ghost Stories), which was an anthology of suspense dramas concentrating on individuals confronted with supernatural occurrences. Winston Essex would open each episode by taking the audience into his spooky old mansion and introducing the plot, ranging from a vampire preying on college students to a ghost haunting a house to an old man using voodoo against his own family. On January 5, 1973, the series changed its title to “Circle of Fear”, the Essex character was no longer part of the show, and the stories didn’t always feature supernatural themes (at which point we probably would have lost interest). [YouTube clip]