2013 horror movie trailers for supernatural horror fans

In the first week of the new year I spent some time YouTube looking for the best, most entertaining 2013 supernatural horror movie trailers [YouTube search results] I could find. Being somewhat selective, I didn’t include just any 2013 horror movie trailer… many 2013 horror films will be really lame — if their trailers are any indication, at least.

Like most content on this supernatural horror blog, I generally stuck with trailers for 2013 horror movies that will appeal mainly to true fans of supernatural horror (but also with a few creature/sci-fi horror trailers) — with little or no non-supernatural stuff (e.g., slasher films).

IMHO, the 2013 horror film with the most potential is perhaps World War Z.

World War Z (2013): Official trailer [HD]

Briefly: A U.N. employee is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly zombie pandemic. (If you thought everything had already been done with the undead, check out how these zombies swarm!) Brad Pitt produces & stars…

Director: Marc Forster (Directed Quantum Solace & many other critically acclaimed films)
Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, David Morse
World War Z (2013) – Official Trailer on YouTube
World War Z (2013) zombie horror film on IMDb

Evil Dead (2013): Official full-length ‘Red Band’ trailer (HD)

Briefly: Mia, a young woman struggling with sobriety, heads to a remote cabin with her brother and a group of friends, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead once again leads to extreme danger and unimaginable horror. (This Evil Dead remake has a good chance of becoming a modern classic for fans of the original Evil Dead (1981; impressive IMDb rating of 76) based on this much-better-than-expected trailer… but also because Sam Raimi — mastermind of the original Evil Dead trilogy — has his hands in this one, too!)

Director: Fede Alvarez (This is Fede’s first major directed work in U.S. horror)
Starring: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas
Evil Dead (2013) – Official Full-Length Red Band Trailer (HD) on YouTube
Evil Dead (2013) on IMDb
Evil Dead (2013 film) on Wikipedia
Evil Dead director says remake contains no CGI – And describes final scene as ‘bloodiest ever’Total Film: The Modern Guide to Movies
A blood-soaked new red band trailer for the Evil Dead remakeFlickering Myth
Book of the Dead, a self-proclaimed ‘definitive Evil Dead website’

7500 (2013): Official trailer [HD]

Briefly: Passengers aboard a flight across the Pacific Ocean encounter a supernatural force. (As a fan of Japanese horror of the 90s and 00s, I had to include this one from Takashi Shimizu, the director of The Grudge (2004) — one of the all-time creepiest ghost movies, IMHO. The trailer — though not revealing much — seems to frame the film as little more than a Grudge-style curse happening on an international flight. Still… I might go for it based on my personal horror tastes — we’ll see.)

Country: U.S./Japan
Director: Takashi Shimizu
Starring: Leslie Bibb, Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart
7500 (2013): Official trailer [HD] on YouTube
7500 (2013) on IMDb (Rating: 52)

Mama (2013): Official trailer [HD]

Briefly: Couple Annabel and Lucas are faced with the challenge of raising his young nieces that were left alone in the forest for 5 years…. but how alone were they? (Giving Mama more potential than the average horror movie: The involvement of the fabulous and creative Guillermo del Toro. "A ghost is an emotion bent out of shape and condemned to repeat itself time and time again…"

Release date: Jan 2013
Director: Andrés Muschietti
Starring: Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier
Mama (2013) – Official trailer on YouTube
Mama (2013) on IMDb

Haunting in Connecticut 2: The Ghosts of Georgia (2013), Official trailer 1

Briefly: A young family moves into an historic home in Georgia, only to learn they are not the house’s only inhabitants. Soon they find themselves in the presence of a secret rising from underground and threatening to bring down anyone in its path.

Director: Tom Elkins (Directorial debut; worked as editor on The Haunting in Connecticut (2009; IMDb rating 58) and some other big-name films)
Starring: Katee Sackhoff, Chad Michael Murray, Abigail Spencer
Haunting in Connecticut 2: The Ghosts of Georgia (2013) official trailer 1 on YouTube
Haunting in Connecticut 2: The Ghosts of Georgia (2013) on IMDb

Less promising supernatural horror movie trailers

Come Out and Play (Mexico, 2013) – Official trailer

Briefly: A young married couple are on holiday together when they venture to a beautiful but remote island where they soon notice plenty of children present but no adults. Soon realizing something sinister is afoot, the two will face terror and unsettling difficult decisions in their quest to make it off the island alive. (This is a Mexican remake of the 1976 horror film Who Can Kill a Child?)

Country: Mexico/U.S.
Director: Makinov
Starring: Daniel Giménez Cacho, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Vinessa Shaw
Come Out and Play (Mexico, 2013) horror trailer on YouTube
Come Out and Play (2013) on IMDb

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Upcoming creature/sci-fi horror

Pacific Rim (2013) Official Trailer [HD]

When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace.

Opening: July 2013
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Starring: Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi
Pacific Rim (2013) – Official Trailer [HD] on YouTube
Pacific Rim (2013) on IMDb

The Host 2 (2014) – South Korean monster/sci-fi horror

Film site Twitch revealed that the supposed Host 2 teaser shown here is actually just special effects test footage from several years ago.

Release date: Summer 2014
Country: South Korea/Singapore
Original title: Gwoemul 2
Director: Park Myeong-Chan
The Host 2 (2014), S. Korean sci-fi horror special effects on YouTube
The Host 2 (2014), S. Korean sci-fi horror on IMDb
The Host 2 Finally Coming Summer Of 2014Cinema Blend
Bong-less ‘Host 2′ Gets a Release Date in 2014Film School Rejects

Dark Skies (2013) – Official trailer

Storage 24 (2013) – Official trailer

Looking into

Cloverfield II, Trailer 2 [HD] on YouTube

NOTE: I’m not sure if this is legit; the Cloverfield sequel is still untitled, undated on IMDb

Paranormal investigation: Supernatural horror I totally missed

Recent paranormal investigation films with potential

My attention to current horror films tends to wax and wane depending on my attention to other ongoing projects at any given time. As a result, I sometimes miss potentially decent supernatural horror films in my preferred horror genres/sub-genres. Here are a couple of paranormal investigation movies — supernatural horror films based on successful found-footage paranormal investigation films like Grave Encounters.

The School in the Woods (2010)

The School in the Woods (2010), Official trailer on YouTube

The School in the Woods (2010) on IMDb (Rating: 58)

The Whispering Dead (2011)

The Whispering Dead (2011), Official trailer #1 on YouTube

The Whispering Dead (2011) on IMDb (Rating: 52)

Supernatural horror movie trailers: Late 2012

I was so involved in other things during the last half of 2012 that I actually missed most of the supernatural horror movie releases I normally would have been aware of. Here are a few of the more interesting supernatural horror movie trailers from the last half of 2012 (IMHO), in case you missed them, too.

Sinister (2012): Official Red Band Trailer 1 HD

A true-crime writer finds a cache of 8mm “snuff” films that suggest the murder he is currently researching is the work of a serial killer whose career dates back to the 1960s. (Even though the plot summary may not sound too exciting or terrifying, the trailer indicates otherwise. Also, at the time of this writing, Sinister has quite a positive IMDb rating of 68… impressive in comparison to most horror film ratings, which tend to be lackluster.)

Opened: Oct 2012
Director: Scott Derrickson
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, James Ransone, Fred Dalton Thompson
Sinister (2012): Official Red Band Trailer 1 HD on YouTube
Sinister (2012) on IMDb (Rating: 68… impressive for a horror film)

Paranormal Activity 4 (2012): Official trailer #2 HD

It has been five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, and a suburban family witness strange events in their neighborhood when a woman and a mysterious child move in. (As much as I have enjoyed the Paranormal Activity franchise, I am not really sold on the fourth installment as having many exciting new ideas. That being said, my personal affection for this particular horror sub-genre probably means I’d enjoy it anyway.)

Opened: Oct 2012
Directors: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
Starring: Katie Featherston, Kathryn Newton, Stephen Dunham
Paranormal Activity 4 (2012), Official trailer #2 HD on YouTube
Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) Official trailer 1 HD on YouTube
Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) on IMDb (Rating: 44)

Supernatural horror movies on my to-see list: Pre-2012

Skew (2011)

Briefly: A group of three friends head out on a road trip and record their adventures with a video camera. What starts out as a carefree experience devolves into absolute horror as unexplained events increasingly threaten to disrupt the balance of friendship between the three. Each of them must struggle with personal demons, paranoia, and increasingly disturbing occurrences as relationships are frayed and gruesome realities are revealed — and recorded on videotape.

Thoughts: Apart from this film featuring the type of supernatural horror I like, another feature that stood out for me was a portion of the soundtrack… Music I’d heard on many occasions as friends and I enjoyed repeated viewings of one of my old crime spree favorites from 1993, True Romance — written by Quentin Tarantino and featuring a rich cast includimg Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Samuel Jackson, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, and more! (Admittedly though, I did not specifically place the music until watching the trailer a second time.)

Country: Canada
Director, writer: Sevé Schelenz
Starring: Rob Scattergood, Amber Lewis, Richard Olak
Skew (2011) – Official trailer on YouTube
Skew (2011) on IMDb (Rating: 42)
Skew (2011) Review on Dread Central (Rating: 3.5/5)

Heartless (2009)

Jamie Morgan, a young man with a large birthmark covering the right side of his face, discovers — and alone is able to see — demons on the streets of East London. (Heartless has been described as one of the best indie horror films of 2009; watch the trailer to see the potential.)

Director, writer: Philip Ridley
Starring: Jim Sturgess (known for 2008 crime thriller 21), Luke Treadaway, Clémence Poésy (perhaps best known for her role in two Harry Potter films)
Heartless (2009) – Official trailer [HD] on YouTube
Heartless (2009) on IMDb (Rating: 60)