Stay Alive, 2006 gaming horror movie

Directed by William Brent Bell

Stay Alive: Widescreen Extended Director’s Cut
Watched May 1, 2009
Verdict: 3 of 5

DVD Cover

You Die In The Game – You Die For Real.
The blood runs deep in this extended director’s cut of STAY ALIVE, the mind-bending thriller about a killer video game. The real world and the game world gruesomely collide when a group of friends play STAY ALIVE, a mysterious underground videogame that kills the gamer whose character dies in play. In a death-defying race against time, the survivors must solve the mystery of the game while desperately trying to stay alive. More spine-chilling gore and action, plus all-new never-before-seen material — including a new character and subplot — push this version way over the edge of what could be seen in theaters.