The House That Dripped Blood, 1971 horror anthology

movie poster - The House that Dripped Blood, 1971 horror anthology

Country: U.K.
Horror themes: vampires, witchcraft, voodoo, waxworks, story comes to life
Director: Peter Duffell (distributed by Amicus Productions, which produced quite a bit of horror in the 1960s and 1970s; often confused with Hammer Film Productions, another major U.K. horror producer)

The House That Dripped Blood is a classic 1971 four-part horror anthology in which a Scotland Yard investigator looks into four mysterious cases all occurring within a currently unoccupied house.

1) Method for Murder: The protagonist in the story of a writer crosses over into reality
2) Waxworks: Two men are obsessed with a wax figure of a woman from their past (Peter Cushing)
3) Sweets to the Sweet: A little girl displays an interest in witchcraft (the father is played by Christopher Lee)
4) The Cloak: A horror film actor discovers a cape which gives him the power of a vampire

The House That Dripped Blood is a solid example of early 1970s horror; I enthusiastically recommend it for fans of the era.

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movie still - The House that Dripped Blood, 1971 horror anthology

The Resurrected, a.k.a. Shatterbrain: 1992 supernatural horror

Country: U.S.
Director: Dan O’BannonIMDb
Horror themes: Corpses, resurrection, occult, witchcraft, black magic, mad scientist, medical experiments, gore, madness/insanity

Synopsis of The Resurrected

movie poster - The Resurrected, 1992 supernatural horror movieCharles Dexter Ward’s (Chris Sarandon) wife, Claire Ward (Sibbett), hires private investigator John Marsh (Terry) to look into Charles’s increasingly bizarre scientific experiments. Charles, a chemical engineer for a cosmetics company, is coming under increasing suspicion from neighbors and local law enforcement officials because of his unusual behavior, the awful smells wafting from his property, as well as deliveries of what appear to be caskets, animal remains, and blood at odd hours. Charles has become obsessed with the occult practices of raising the dead once practiced by his ancestor Joseph Curwen (played by Chris Sarandon
in a dual role). As the investigators dig deeper, they discover that Ward is performing a series of grisly experiments in an effort to actually resurrect his long-dead relative Curwen. The Resurrected is based on the H.P. Lovecraft story The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

Thoughts on The Resurrected

The Resurrected, 1992 supernatural horror movieDan O’Bannon also directed The Return of the Living Dead. The Resurrected is a highly sought-after item for DVD collectors, with recent prices topping $50 for a DVD or even $90 for a VHS copy! Chris Sarandon is perhaps most celebrated in the horror universe for his portrayal of a vampire in Fright Night, the classic 1985 vampire flick. [ Fright Night reviews, DVD, downloads, & more at Amazon ]

Robert Romanus, another actor appearing in The Resurrected, will spark memories of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

The Resurrected, 1992 supernatural horror movieIn some spots the special effects used in The Resurrected are similar to the special effects in The Return of the Living Dead; The Resurrected utilized a limited amount of stop motion animation. The quality of the special effects is rather mixed; some of the still-living resurrection mistakes are truly grotesque. Other effects are just plain bad, particularly the depiction of the large amounts of electrical energy occurring during the reanimation process.

The Resurrected is definitely worth a look for fans of the horror genre; one quality its relative uniqueness, as so many horror movies suffer from a complete lack of originality. The experiences in the dark catacombs under the country house are definitely memorable.

For a lot more information about The Resurrected, check out It was a pleasant surprise to find so much detail about a relatively obscure horror movie, including photos, video, trivia, viewer comments, and much more.

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