Watch Zomblies online, free, legal: Excellent 2010 zombie horror short film

poster - Zomblies, 2010 UK zombie horror short filmCountry: U.K.
Director: David M. Reynolds
Horror themes: Post-apocalpse, zombies, undead, gore, firearms, war, first-person cam
Verdict: 7/10… Great zombie horror short film; it’s actually hard to believe it’s low-budget, visually speaking — kudos to Dave Reynolds and the rest of Realm, as well as the entire crew and the 200+ volunteers that made this short film happen. Zomblies is a must-see for all fans of zombie horror; it is free to watch anytime online (see the streaming video below; just press PLAY)!

Official trailer, Zomblies, 2010 U.K. zombie horror short (watch entire film below)

This killer short horror film has been made available to the masses via YouTube, as I discovered during the writeup process a couple of days after watching the film. There’s no need to feel guilty downloading and/or watching this flick online, free of charge!

Zomblies plot synopsis

In a post-apocalyptic version of the present or the near-future, the zombie hunting unit of a private militia runs into major trouble and sends a distress call to headquarters – located on the safe side of “The Wall” which protects what’s left of humanity on the island nation. It’s up to the Rangers – a heavily armed unit containing both vets and rookies – to make it back to the Wall, cross back over The Wall into relative safety, as well as uncover the truth about a terrifying virus which – after killing the infected – also reanimates the dead, creating a quick, dangerous, carnivorous zombie.

Watch Zomblies online free here

Be sure to use the full-screen option to maximize your experience

This short film is apparently the first from writer/ director/ actor/ visual effects specialist David M. Reynolds, who has successfully created this exciting, edge-of-seat zombie horror. Kudos, man. This is low-budget successfully masquerading as Hollywood. The visual effects are outstanding.

The zombie-hunting unit includes:

  • Jack, The Chief
  • Bear, The Tracker
  • Nickel, The Marksman
  • Walker, The Big Guns
  • Drew, The Science
  • Bull, The Comms

Although the official budget was around five thousand pounds U.K., this is rather misleading as Zomblies was clearly a 200-member-strong team effort from which no one will profit financially, directly, per an interview with Dave Reynolds at Zombie Command.

Thanks to Realm, the actors, the crew, and all the volunteers who made this possible – and thanks for giving us this video at no cost, online, and allowing others to embed it.

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